Emmy’s Report to Alexis

Status Update for Investigation into the Deaths of William, His Childe and Ghoul

Overall status: Resolved
Submitted to Alexis, the Spider Queen (via her loyal herald) by Emmy Jones, local proprietor.


In a preemptive strike, the small band of Belial’s Brood of the city (lead by Victor Frost) attacked and killed William (a local Invictus), his childe and a ghoul.

For months now, Victor had been investigating the supposedly unbound group of kindred surrounding the surprisingly successful entrepreneur and night club owner Victor Frost. While William was not inclined to act against Victor until he understood the full scope of the problem, my sources indicate that he was close to discovering the truth about the demon worshipping miscreants. Continue reading Emmy’s Report to Alexis

Emmy Jones – San Francisco Vampire

Young, appearing to be in her early 20’s. Slender (about 5’0 125 lbs), with long wavy brunette hair. She has deep brown eyes and fair skin. Emmy wears casual clothing, jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, sneakers, etc. She is right handed. Emmy still has a mid-western accent when she speaks. She has common sense and speaks rather straight-forward.

Laid back, casual. Doesn’t care for snobby wealthy people or yuppies. Emmy believes life is more interesting with good music and interesting art– and these are not things reserved for the wealthy. Emmy is a relatively young vampire and does not have the wealth and power that older vampires may have accumulated over the years. She is a very social person and enjoys interacting with others. On the occassion that she takes off for the night instead of working in the Shack, she tends to spend time in movie theaters, bars and other public places to socialize.

Emmy wants to get ahead in life. The Bernal Heights is her home of choice, and she feels a little protective of the area. The area is a secluded hill that retains an old-fashioned, casual way of life. When it comes time to hunt, she will leave the area and find an unwary human in another part of the city to dine on. Continue reading Emmy Jones – San Francisco Vampire