Morgan – Werewolf & Deadly Assassin

Obsidian Portal Character Sheet

Blood: The Fox
Bone: Lone Wolf
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Hunter in the Darkness

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2
Presence 2
Manipulation 2
Composure 2

Medicine 2
Occult (The Hosts) 2
Athletics 3
Brawl (Bite) 3
Larceny 1
Stealth (Surprise Attack) 4
Survival 1
Persuasion 2
Streetwise 2
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Sergeant Riley Morgan – Spider Cop

My gaming group was very excited to get to playtest Beast: The Primordial for Onxy Path. Here’s the information about my character.

Character Sheet PDF

Sergeant Riley Morgan

  • How has life changed/remained the same since you became a Beast?
    • Riley’s career has greatly benefited from her improved confidence and sense of power. She has earned a place in the community policing program – a practice in which an officer builds relationships with the citizens of local neighborhoods and mobilizes the public to help fight crime.  This has actually helped Riley to feel more like she fits in and gives her a sense of purpose.

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The Contingent – Cases

Energy to Spare – The high school kids are raving about a new energy drink, Ümph. However the teachers and administrators have banned the drink from all school property in the district. They’re claiming Ümph makes some kids act out and cause trouble. Security will be tight at tonight’s homecoming game. Let’s hope nothing terrible happens.

Dark Science – Hidden beneath the prosperous downtown of Red Wing, sinister experiments have been conducted on unwilling test subjects. The resulting supernatural side-effects have spread quietly throughout the town. Who conducted this research and why? What exactly was done to the people trapped in these dank cells? Who covered-up the entire project? This game will focus on research, exploration and investigation.

Red Wire or Blue Wire? – Ümph the energy drink’s unintended side effects are considered well within corporate safety parameters. Three more trucks are scheduled to leave the bottling plant this week. Chester needs your help. The shipments must be stopped to protect innocent consumers. The test product is only being produced from one location. Destroy the facility and the secret recipe.

Strange in Minnesota – Mississippi River Monster Case Summary

Case Summary
The Storm A freakish storm has sunk The Pearl of the Lake and her crew.Life to The Max host, Greg Thunder, has been found dead on the shores of Lake Pepin.
Cassandra Cassandra Dubois
Forensic Scientist
Cassandra and her cadaver dog, Pavlov, have helped the Lake City police search the shores of Lake Pepin for bodies from the ship wreck.
Mark robinson Mark Robinson
Mechanic at Dick’s Auto-Repair
Mark Robinson has been intrigued by the idea of the lake monster and the $50,000 reward.
Peter moffett Peter Moffett
Video Technician and Cameraman
Peter Moffett was thrilled to learn of the $50,000 reward for finding evidence of Peppi.
Professor Professor Blair-Harper
College Professor
Professor Blair-Harper has become intrigued by the paranormal investigations of Greg Thunder.
Valarie Valarie Eyota Ratti
Tabloid Journalist
Valarie has met Greg Thunder at The Woodshed and briefly discussed that he was in the area to film some paranormal investigations.

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Strange in Minnesota – Cougar Attacks! Case Summary

Case Summary
The Past Several persons had been murdered along The Cannon Valley Trail by what authorities believed was a wild cougar. The trail is twenty miles long and follows the Mississippi River between Cannon Valley and Red Wing.
Investigation The corpse of a recent victim attacked Agent Crane and Dr. Dubois during their autopsy of the body. The remainder of the party searched the trail for wild man that could be responsible for it. The encountered what appeared to be a vampire and a local hunter that accompanied them was badly injured in the fight. The hunter and the vampire were taken to Fairview Hospital in Red Wing.

After speaking with a local death-metal band, To The Morgue, and the DNR, the investigators joined back up and spoke with locals at a pair of bars on Trenton Island. There they met Dalton, a man who recently moved to Red Wing from Minneapolis. He agreed to join them in their fight against the vampire. Agent Crane went off to fight the vampire alone – he barely escaped. The rest of the group gathered guns, stakes and gasoline to take on the vampire. They fought under downtown Red Wing, in the underground Jordan River.Once the gasoline came out, Dalton left the investigators to handle the vampire on their own. After setting the vampire ablaze, the creature was destroyed.

Agent crane Agent Mark Crane
Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent
Agent Crane went to the local morgue to observe a strange autopsy.
Cassandra Cassandra Dubois
Forensic Scientist
Cassandra went to the local morgue to perform an autopsy for a strange case.
Mark robinson Mark Robinson
Mechanic at Dick’s Auto-Repair
Mark Robinson became intrigued by a group of local deer hunters bound and determined to shoot a cougar that has been attacking locals on The Cannon Valley Trail.
Peter moffett Peter Moffett
Video Technician and Cameraman
Peter was asked by a local death metal band, To The Morgue, to distribute their posters. He also was invited to participate in the cougar hunt.
Professor Professor Blair-Harper
College Professor
Professor Blair-Harper has come to Red Wing to consult with Valarie Eyota Ratti about her investigations into the paranormal.
Valarie Valarie Eyota Ratti
Tabloid Journalist
Valarie researched local cougar attacks and tried to reach out to her contacts among the local law enforcement.
Non-Player Characters
Cougar2 Wild Cougar
Feline Carnivore
Cougars have wandered into the Mississippi River Valley before. This year several deaths near the Cannon Valley Trail have been attributed to a wild cougar.
Mn dnr officers Conservation Officers
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Conservation Officer Chad Callstrom and Senior Conservation Officer, Greg Mathews are trying to track down the dangerous cougar. They have posted warning signs at all trail entrances.
Rev scott Reverend Scott
Cross Country Skiier
Out on the Cannon Valley Trail to cross-country ski, it appears that Reverend Jacob Scott has become something rather feral and ferocious.
Tothemorgue To The Morgue
Local Death Metal Band
To The Morgue has a dilapidated coach bus that they use to tour with. They have asked Peter and his friends to help them promote their Friday night gig at The Woodshed.
Dalton Dalton
Bar Fly
Dalton is depressed looking man who reeks of booze and cigarettes. He has spoken with local DNR Officers and expressed concern about media coverage of the cougar attacks.
Vampire The Vampire
Savage Killer
The creature has been living in the underground Jordan River. It stalks its prey along the nearby Mississippi River. It lopes around in an animal-like fashion and uses its deadly claws to eviscerate its unlucky victims.
The Evidence
Kwng Cougar Attack!
Another cougar attack has left a victim dead on the Canon Valley
Trail. Yesterday morning a bicyclist found a mauled body near mile marker 12.
Read a transcript here.
Heard by Mark Robinson, Peter Moffett and Valarie
Dnr Notice – Dangerous Animal
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Due to recent cougar attacks, The Cannon Valley Trail is closed by order of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
Posted at all entrances to The Cannon Valley Trail

GM Only

The Woodshed – Bar & Liquor Store
River Jordan – Sewers – great hiding place for drauger?
Cannon Valley Trail – “Cougar attacks”

Brainstorm Ideas

  • Gangrel Drifter flees politics of Minneapolis and finds a nice spot to hang out in Trenton Island – The Woodshed.
  • Shortly thereafter, many mauled and exsanguinated bodies courtesy of a Draugr and its Larvae.
  • Local authorites blame the deaths on cougars.
  • Gangrel is worried that hunters or other vampires will show up to deal with the Draugr.

Hooks and Early Sources

  • Cadaver at the Morgue – Cassandra, Agent Crane and Detective Brown for autospsy procedure
  • Morning Radio Report
  • DNR Ranger out on the Trail with a local vetrinarian. Claim another fellow is asking questions, Dalton.
  • Skiiers out on the trail.
  • Convoy of a hunting party driving through town – Jeeps & ATVs, camoflage and orange vests.
  • Notice signs at the entrances to the Cannon Valley Trail
  • Friday night music – band playing at the Woodshed