Winds of Change – Desert Mirage

All the News Hot Enough to Print! The testimonies from the deceased starlet Mirella and Amyrka the dancing bear have sealed the fate of Meadowlark’s Travelling Circus! Authorities have not released transcripts of the testimonies but a reliable source states that the evidence was “Quite damning.” In a related note, Rolendo and Nighrenah have been […]

Winds of Change – Dawn of Worlds creation session notes

The First Age Year Deity Action 0 Lunea Created a lake Tesla Created The Diamond Moon Aztarte Created a desert Harridis Created a forest Vel-tyno Created an island. 500 Tesla Created The Coal Moon and The Ice Moon. Aztarte Created a forest. Harridis Added to the island of Flord. Vel-tyno Created a reef. Vistas Created […]

Winds of Change – Calling All Entertainers

Do you have what it takes to win? Join us for The 2063rd Annual Bardic Entertainment Extravaganza sponsored by The Bardic Tutors. Performance teams of three compete for the title of Most Entertaining Troupe! Who will walk or fly away with The Golden Pyramid this year? The 1st week of Aztarte in the Grande Theatre […]

Winds of Change – Entertainment Troupes

Banned from Squalor Kannolt – Kobold Political Satirist Mirella – Siren Songstress Nighrenah – Shadow Pixie Dancer Kami Kami Kameleon Kami Hypnotist Kami Music and Dance Kami Skits Kami culture is quite confusing to other races. Their performances are charming but nonsensical to most outsiders. Meadowlark’s Traveling Circus Meadowlark – Minotaur songstress Richardin – Wereshaman […]

Character Concept: Irella the Wanderer

Primary Motivation: discovery and adventure! to explore, meet people, and see new places Emotional Disposition: curious but apathetic Sense of Humor: sarcastic Flexible nonchalant, tolerant, open-minded, adaptable Secretive closed, mysterious, evasive, cryptic Favorite Topics of Conversation: the road, other travellers, weather, exotic locations Quirks, Habits and Oddities: humming, superstitious Hobbies and Enjoyments fishing, storytelling •Irella’s […]

Antagonist – Varola Deathsong, Vampire Bard Darklord

Varola Deathsong appears to be about 16-20 years old. She walks with a sway, taps her feet to music when she sits and is usually humming to herself. She prefers rowdy crowds and loves attention. Varola arrives out of nowhere. She makes use of many secret passages, back doors, tunnels and her vampiric abilities to […]

Character – Y’lene, Drow Priestess

“We sure didn’t pick her for her personality” – Sardis. A dark elf enshrouded in a dark grey cloak hides her face from the light. After leading a failed expeditionary raid into a village in northern Nidala, Y’lene has agreed to travel with a group of adventurers. She provides them healing and combat support. Y’lene: […]

City by the Silt Sea – Part II: In the Silt Sea

Dark Sun 3.5 campaign played by Nathan, Russell Sid on Saturday, April 16th, 2011. GM’d by Melissa. Sardis disappeared, taking Jaden’s sister’s body with him after declaring that he was needed elsewhere. Deep in the underhold of the captured pirate ship, a prisoner was found bound and gagged. The sun cleric, Aeotos was briefly questioned […]

Antagonist – Elena Faith-hold, Crazed Paladin Darklord of Nidala

Please note that this character has been ported over from second edition materials. Elena Faith-Hold: Female Human Ex-Pal10; CR 10; Medium Humanoid(human); HD 10d10+30; hp 103; Init +2; Spd 20 ft/x3; AC 23 (+9 armor, +3 shield, +1 deflection), touch 11, flat-footed 23; Base Atk/Grapple +10/+16; +18/+13 Two-handed (1d10+11;17-20/x2) +2 Bastard Sword, +9/+4 Thrown (1d6+6;20/x2) […]

City by the Silt Sea – Part I: Tales of the Ruins

Dark Sun 3.5 campaign played by Russell, Patrick and Sid on Saturday, April 9th, 2011. GM’d by Melissa.  Three unlikely companions met in the city of Nibeney. Tarak arrived in the city shortly after rescuing some elves in the desert and promising to finish their mission with the Veiled Alliance. Jaden crossed the tablelands […]