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Morgan – Werewolf & Deadly Assassin

Obsidian Portal Character Sheet

Blood: The Fox
Bone: Lone Wolf
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Hunter in the Darkness

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2
Presence 2
Manipulation 2
Composure 2

Medicine 2
Occult (The Hosts) 2
Athletics 3
Brawl (Bite) 3
Larceny 1
Stealth (Surprise Attack) 4
Survival 1
Persuasion 2
Streetwise 2
Subterfuge 3 Continue reading “Morgan – Werewolf & Deadly Assassin”

Sergeant Riley Morgan – Spider Cop

My gaming group was very excited to get to playtest Beast: The Primordial for Onxy Path. Here’s the information about my character.

Character Sheet PDF

Sergeant Riley Morgan

  • How has life changed/remained the same since you became a Beast?
    • Riley’s career has greatly benefited from her improved confidence and sense of power. She has earned a place in the community policing program – a practice in which an officer builds relationships with the citizens of local neighborhoods and mobilizes the public to help fight crime.  This has actually helped Riley to feel more like she fits in and gives her a sense of purpose.

Continue reading “Sergeant Riley Morgan – Spider Cop”

Dr. Ángelita Prieto

The far outposts are no place for a lady, but doctors are needed everywhere. – Dr.Prieto

Vous êtes un homme riche. Vous avez les médicaments que mon équipe a besoin. Je suis une belle femme. Nous sommes loin dans l’espace. Je suis sûr que nous pouvons arriver à une sorte d’arrangement? – Dr.Prieto

The medical transport ship, The Cure is where our good doctor thrives. Her shuttle is usually docked in a modified CL-54, The Kobayashi Maru. The crew of the ship, depend on Dr. Prieto for medical care.  Her personal quarters and operating theater are aboard the short range shuttle. Each instrument is meticulously sterilized and organized in preparation for any potential emergency. In the black, even minor health concerns can quickly escalate into urgent matters without the expertise of a highly trained medical professional.

Character Concept: Irella the Wanderer

Primary Motivation: discovery and adventure! to explore, meet people, and see new places

Emotional Disposition: curious but apathetic

Sense of Humor: sarcastic

Flexible nonchalant, tolerant, open-minded, adaptable

Secretive closed, mysterious, evasive, cryptic

Favorite Topics of Conversation: the road, other travellers, weather, exotic locations

Quirks, Habits and Oddities: humming, superstitious

Hobbies and Enjoyments fishing, storytelling

•Irella’s family homestead burned to the ground when she was but a toddler. Her uncle, Nadoin, rescued her from the fire.

•Irella grew up with Nadoin on the road and learned much of her worldly knowledge from him.

•Irella does not know where she was born or where her family homestead was located. It was many years ago and her uncle rarely spoke of home before he died.

•Nadoin once told Irella that there was Elven heritage in her father’s family but that the elven ancestor was from so long ago that it was hardly worth mentioning.

•Irella has travelled to see this “Great City beneith a cloud from three waterfalls”


Bagarth – A roguish human who travels the roads, sings songs and keeps Irella company on the road now and then. He tends to travel with caravans, selling his services as a scout and woodsman.

Riyah – A shy elven slave that Irella saved from a cruel master and dispicable living conditions at a outlaying farm.


Vantar – A mercenary and bounty hunter seeking revenge for the stolen diamond that Bagarth liberated from his possession. He and Irella have had several run-ins.

Trigat – The wealthy farm owner who lost his slave, when Riyah helped the elven girl escape and travelled on the road together for a while.

Visit Irella’s page on Obsidian Portal.

Character Concept: Jo Roberts

Joanne “Jo” Roberts
Height: 5’6
Weight: 165 lbs
Primary Motivation: Avenge the murder of her older brothers.
Quote: “You’re in my way.”
Home: The Roberts’ family compound, located near Temple, Texas.

Appearance: Jo is physically fit from a life of hard physical training. Her family has a history of supporting local militia and also supporting the 3:16 project. She is a tomboy through and through. Her long blonde hair is often loosely tied back and kept under a camo baseball cap. Jo’s clothes are quite utilitarian.

Background Information: Born in a family of proud military tradition, Jo learned to roughhouse early on. Retired General Burt Roberts expected nothing short of exemplary service to Terra from all of his children. As a strong leader during the Crisis, he has a name that carries much weight among his peers. Jo’s two older brothers, Sam and Mike each volunteered for The Expeditionary Force and were each assigned to the 3:14 Brigade, much to the delight of both of their parents and extended family.

Sam, the overachieving elder brother, was the first to leave. Sam quickly earned the rank of Captain in the self-proclaimed Phoenix Squad under the strict but effective Major Whitakers. It was a happy coincidence when a few years later Mike was sent to join Sam’s squad and earned the rank of Corporal. The two quickly became synonymous with surviving against the odds, no matter how vastly their squad was outnumbered during their missions. The Phoenix Squad was constantly sent on dangerous, suicide missions that no other unit would live to finish.

Career: Jo has just completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and has just been given
Roleplaying Style: Jo is not the warmest person. She is fiercely loyal to her family. Her primary
focus is to earn the respect of her family and outshine her older brothers by accomplishing even
greater feats of heroism. She desperately wants the approval of her father.

Character Concept: Etsuko – Deadly Geisha

Etsuko was born to a simple fisherman and his wife. Ichiro and Kasumi had two daughters, Etsuko and Sachiko. Both daughters were happy and obedient but Ichiro desired a son more than anything. No son ever arrived to continue the fmaily line and learn the fishing trade. Kasumi died of a deadly fever while Etsuko was a young girl and Sachiko was a small toddler. Ichiro was heart broken and could not bring himself to remarry.

Jiro, Ichiro’s younger brother was ambitious and pleased that he had a son of his own, Masumi, who would become the head of the clan someday. When Ichiro begged Jiro to have his wife care for the two young girls, Jiro refused stubbornly. With hard times pressing him and no one to care for his children as he fished all day, Ichiro had no choice but sell his daughters as house servants, hangyoku.

Etsuko and Sachiko were carted off to a large city with an active Hanamachi (flower town district). Tearfully, Etsuko and Sachiko were sent off to separate geisha houses, Okiya. They would never see each other again. Etsuko was sent to Hoshi’s Okiya. there Etsuko would work hard, long hours taking care of the house. She was servant to both Hoshi and Hoshi’s apprentice, Yasu. Continue reading “Character Concept: Etsuko – Deadly Geisha”

Lady Milena – Noble Working Lady


Milena was born last to Alejo de Trallibes and his wife Taresa, a pair of freed slaves struggling to survive in southern Zingara.  Five siblings preceded her in the family.  The eldest four:  Shantala, Vittoria, Jovina and Nisio worked hard from a young age to help their parents with the family business.  Alejo had been trained in the use of herbs and medicines as a slave.  He had served as a house healer for many years before earning his freedom and that of his wife.  He now used those talents to create deadly poisons, a commodity of great demand in the noble courts of Zingara.  His children went to gather the herbs and his wife worked on cleaning, drying and grinding the herbs.  Alejo concentrated on forming more deadly and precise poisons than his competition.

The two youngest children, Fausto and Milena were born far too late to be of much use in the business.  Fausto was barely of an age to walk and Milena was still carried around by her mother’s arms when the family was utterly destroyed by scandal.  Alejo was captured and imprisioned by a noble man, Quilo de Kordava, who claimed that Alejo’s poisons were the cause of his eldest son’s death.  Milena was executed for her part in the endevour – she had been the one who had sold the poisons to a rival family.  Shantala, the eldest daughter, committed suicide rather than surrender.  Vittoria, Jovina and Nisio were claimed as slaves by Quilo.  The two young children were spared, in a rare case of mercy.  Quilo’s sister had never been able to bear children on her own.  Thus Fausto and Milena were sent as gifts to Estrella de Kordava to be raised as her own.  Milena and Fausto were raised in a life of much luxury as noble children.  The two grew quite close and maintain contact, even to this day. Continue reading “Lady Milena – Noble Working Lady”

Character Info – Junia of the Claudai

Junia of the Claudia (Secunda Junia)
297 – Born
311 – Married to Tiberious and produced a male heir
312 – Sired by Titus
320 – Campaign Starts

Biological Family
The gens Junia was one of the most celebrated families in Rome. The gens may originally have been patrician. The family was already prominent in the last days of the Roman monarchy. Lucius Junius Brutus was the nephew of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the seventh and last King of Rome, and on the expulsion of Tarquin in 509 BC, he became one of the first consuls of the Roman Republic.

Claudia Family
Sire – Tiberious
Tiberius Claudius Pompeianus, consul in AD. 173, and probably consul suffectus in 176, was a Roman general of emperor Marcus Aurelius. He married Aurelius’ daughter Lucilla and rose to the rank of senior senator in Rome. His keen leadership skills were noticed by an old-blooded Roman vampire who sired him to become a great influence over Roman history. Marcus twice refused emperorship for himself, due to the nature of the secret condition. He is the controlling patron of the Claudia family but much of his time is devoted to the Senex and the Danse Macabre. Continue reading “Character Info – Junia of the Claudai”

Mary of Burgandy – Vampire the Requiem Character

Mary, called Mary the Rich (13 February 1457 – 27 March 1482)

Mary of Burgundy was born in Brussels, at the Ducal castle of Coudenberg. Her birth, according to the court chronicler, Georges Chastellain, was attended by a clap of thunder ringing from the otherwise clear twilight sky.  It was an omen of the depraved and cruel future destined for the young girl.

As the only child of Charles the Bold, Mary was heiress to a vast and wealthy domain, made up of the Duchy of Burgundy, the Free County of Burgundy, and the majority of the Low Countries.  A wealthy heiress, Mary of Burgundy was one of the most eligible bachelorettes of her time, so wealthy that she was even called “Mary the Rich” and her hand was eagerly sought by a number of princes.

Her mother, Isabella died in 1454.  Her father, Charles the Bold, remarried in 1468 to Margaret of York.  This was a significant event in the life of Mary.  Though she did not know it at the time, her new stepmother was a vampire.  Although the marriage produced no children, due to Margaret’s secret state of unlife, Isabella’s stepmother proved herself a valuable asset to Burgundy.

Immediately after her father married Isabella, Isabella took the young girl on a journey through Flanders, Brabant and Hainaut, visiting the great towns: Ursel, Ghent, Dendermonde, Asse, Brussels, Oudenaarde and Kortrijk were all impressed by her intelligence and capability.  Margaret had chosen the girl to be her future childe through blood.  The vampiric bloodline that Margaret belonged to, The Corojosa, specialized in telepathic powers of domination through the blood sympathy passed on to their progeny. Continue reading “Mary of Burgandy – Vampire the Requiem Character”

Character Sheet – Elsie Haugstad, Cthulhu Archeologist

Elsie Haugstad
Field Researcher/Archeologist
Born in Leirvik, Norway
Age 29
Concept “Archaeologist, with few scrouples”

STR 5, DEX 12, INT 17, Idea 85, CON 13, APP 12, POW 14, Luck 70, Size 9, SAN 70, EDU 20, Know 100 (damage bonus -1d4) MP 14, HP 11

Anthropology 70
Archaeology 75
Conceal 40
First Aid 40
History 70
Library use 70
Listen 30
Locksmith 30
Natural History 57
American English 50
Norweigan (native) 100
Persuade 35
Sneak 26
Spot Hidden 45
Handgun 30