5 Things Every GM Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

My most recently played game was a Call of Cthulhu boxed adventure being run for a large group of eight players, most of whom I was meeting for the first time. We had a fantastic, patient and knowledgeable Game Master but the game was disappointing. There was one player whose behavior almost ruined the night.  It’s rare to have a single player enact so many terrible gaming habits in a single session but nonetheless that’s what happened.  Below are the bad behaviors of the offending player.  Take heed my gamer friends and avoid these.

Show Up Late – In my most recent game as a player I had a bad feeling when the game master had to call a player to check if they were coming.  She was coming, but late.  There’s nothing worse for the players and the GM than sitting around a table with nothing to do waiting on someone with poor time management skills.  Arrive on time.

Don’t Bring Your Character – I am as guilty as the next player on this taboo.  If you forget your character sheet often, give your game master a spare copy just in case.  The guilty player in this last game wasn’t only late, they still had to make up a character.  If you haven’t even rolled a character up yet, please show up to the game early.   Continue reading 5 Things Every GM Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

Workshop: Play Unsafe – How Improv Can Change The Way You Role-play

Often, we treat roleplaying games like work. We buy shelves of thick books. We plan detailed adventures. We memorize rules.

Explore what happens when you throw away the serious stuff: when you stop working, stop planning and start playing.

I’m running a workshop for the Raleigh Tabletop RPG’s Meetup and I’ll be covering a more freestyle, risk-taking and creative way to play your characters.

Make roleplaying less like work, more like play.
Stop killing other player’s ideas and build on them instead.
Use status techniques to play your characters.
Put stories at the heart of your game.
Lots of ideas from the book Play Unsafe: How Improvisation Can Change The Way You Roleplay by Graham Walmsley

First-Time-Players Guide to Role-playing Games

Various published role-playing games.
Photograph provided by Raleigh Table-top RPG meetup.

Welcome to the fun an exciting world of role-playing games. This information packet has been created to help new players understand the main concepts involved in role-play games and help them have a positive first experience with this creative hobby. This information has been assembled for the Raleigh Tabletop RPGs (RTR) Meetup members. If you do not live in the Raleigh area, meetup.com has many other gaming groups listed throughout the country. Gaming groups are everywhere and finding a group is the first step to playing.

To begin with, let’s define what a role-playing game is. This packet will discuss table-top role-play games, also known as pen-and-paper role-play games. These games are very social activities involving a group of creative and interactive gamers who work together to create an interesting story. This is interactive fiction at its finest. Unlike a book or a movie where you are transported away to watch the action, in a role-playing game you get to participate in the scenes and affect the outcome. Continue reading First-Time-Players Guide to Role-playing Games