The Contingent – Cases

Energy to Spare – The high school kids are raving about a new energy drink, Ümph. However the teachers and administrators have banned the drink from all school property in the district. They’re claiming Ümph makes some kids act out and cause trouble. Security will be tight at tonight’s homecoming game. Let’s hope nothing terrible […]

Another Letter from Dr. Josephus Belle

Using their vast library and considerable connections, our partners in The Royal Society of Enquiry have tracked down a cache of ancient relics. Roman pagans fleeing persecution from early Christians built a secret temple to house their treasures in Constantinople. Some exciting documents revealing the location of this valuable horde of artifacts have been translated […]

Shayla’s Thoughts

The goal is ever moving. How can the Hesh guide his followers with such a drifting target? As I find myself nearing the battlefield to save the world from a prophecy of doom, the task changes. We are to recover the scrolls and then deliver them across the region. But first there are tasks that […]

Strange in Minnesota – Mississippi River Monster Case Summary

Case Summary The Storm A freakish storm has sunk The Pearl of the Lake and her crew.Life to The Max host, Greg Thunder, has been found dead on the shores of Lake Pepin. Investigators Cassandra Dubois Forensic Scientist Cassandra and her cadaver dog, Pavlov, have helped the Lake City police search the shores of Lake […]

Strange in Minnesota – Bob Dylan’s Ghost Case Summary

  Case Summary The Past The Red Wing Boys’ Correctional Facility was also a mental hospital for the crimminally insane minors incarcerated therein. In a desperate attempt to lower the amount of fights, drugs and brain surgery were utilized. The project was a failure. Due to the record number of violent incidents and a killing […]

Trouble in Grasslake

Trouble in Grasslake Our heroes have been on patrol, laying the Scent Border out past Wolfepointe, when they return to Grasslake at the beginning of the summer. As they approach the town, Harold, a brewer who lives in Grasslake, comes running through the marsh grass. He hollars to the patrol for help, “A giant monster! […]

Character Info – Junia of the Claudai

Junia of the Claudia (Secunda Junia) 297 – Born 311 – Married to Tiberious and produced a male heir 312 – Sired by Titus 320 – Campaign Starts Biological Family The gens Junia was one of the most celebrated families in Rome. The gens may originally have been patrician. The family was already prominent in […]

Mary of Burgandy – Vampire the Requiem Character

Mary, called Mary the Rich (13 February 1457 – 27 March 1482) Mary of Burgundy was born in Brussels, at the Ducal castle of Coudenberg. Her birth, according to the court chronicler, Georges Chastellain, was attended by a clap of thunder ringing from the otherwise clear twilight sky.  It was an omen of the depraved […]

World of Darkness SIG Notes

While we had been expecting up to 12 people earlier this week for the World of Darkness Special Interest Casual Meetup last night, in the end only four hearty souls arrived for the event.  We talked about World of Darkness games and had the first ever “Antagonist Swap.” This will be a feature of our […]