Tweets & Gamers

So last night, I came home from an interesting night out with a bunch of my gamer friends. We had an interesting time at a sports bar. I was tired but stopped to check my email and twitter before bed.

Most of the people I follow and who follow me on Twitter are gamers. By gamers I mean people to play video games and tabletop RPG’s. Many of the people that I follow are also in the games industry – artists, programmers, designers, writers and other people who make games for a living. There are also some college students who are working hard to break into the video game industry. My twitter account is GamerGirl80, for those of you that don’t know that already.

I saw a tweet from a user named GamerPolitics last night:

Researching for a story: high-profile gamers and celebs who game, do they get political and for what issues? Shout out if you know.
8:27 PM Sep 10th via Twitter for iPad Continue reading Tweets & Gamers

Why I Should Have Made A Back-Up

I ran across a little game I made for my game design class: Retro Space. Unfortunately all that I have is the executable file. The artwork files and other assets are long gone. I made this little game using YoYo Game’s engine, GameMaker. I made all of the artwork (forgive me!). A few friends played it a bit. The music loop’s rights were purchased. It was fast and dirty making this game – I only had a month to make it while working a full time job and doing my regular weekly homework. Shortly after I had turned in my assignment, the HD on my laptop went out. Now that the assets are all gone, if I want to re-make the game properly I have to start from scratch.

My New Gaming PC – A Huge Upgrade

I’m loving it! This is so much better than my laptop. The graphics are great, no lag in Shat or Org. How did I live with one screen before?

I’ve only had two small problems with the iBUYPOWER Gamer 922TL-I and they are both common for the computer. The first was that the Hard Drive was not plugged in when it arrived from shipping. This seems to almost always happen and is common on the reviews for the computer. Easily fixed. The other issue is that the power cord is a little loose when it plugs into the power supply. There’s quite a bit of wobble room. It didn’t take long to figure out that the loose power cord was the reason my pc kept shutting itself down and restarting the other night. Now that I’ve secured that, everything is great.

I didn’t show off the tower. It looks pretty cool. I turn off the one extra LED light that sits on the bottom of the case, but it’s still very bright. The picture doesn’t due it justice at all. It’s a very nice looking machine. Continue reading My New Gaming PC – A Huge Upgrade