Elevator Pitch – How Soon Is Too Soon?

For years I have read advice about creating a 30 second “elevator pitch” for every kind of project from novel writing to game design.  It seems like most creative projects could benefit from this concept.  The idea is to come up a concise description of your project.  This idea was even mentioned in Ben Rigg’s […]

New Project – Writing A Module for Publication

It’s been far too long since I’ve FINISHED a major project.  I’ve done a few small things but it would do my soul some good to complete a project start to finish.  To that end I’ve decided to write a module for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons through the DM’s Guild. While I’m tempted to […]

Morgan – Werewolf & Deadly Assassin

Obsidian Portal Character Sheet Blood: The Fox Bone: Lone Wolf Auspice: Irraka Tribe: Hunter in the Darkness Attributes Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 2 Strength 3 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2 Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 2 Skills Medicine 2 Occult (The Hosts) 2 Athletics 3 Brawl (Bite) 3 Larceny 1 Stealth (Surprise Attack) 4 Survival […]

Sergeant Riley Morgan – Spider Cop

My gaming group was very excited to get to playtest Beast: The Primordial for Onxy Path. Here’s the information about my character. Character Sheet PDF Sergeant Riley Morgan How has life changed/remained the same since you became a Beast? Riley’s career has greatly benefited from her improved confidence and sense of power. She has earned […]

Dr. Ángelita Prieto

The far outposts are no place for a lady, but doctors are needed everywhere. – Dr.Prieto Vous êtes un homme riche. Vous avez les médicaments que mon équipe a besoin. Je suis une belle femme. Nous sommes loin dans l’espace. Je suis sûr que nous pouvons arriver à une sorte d’arrangement? – Dr.Prieto The medical transport ship, The […]

A Letter from Dr. Josephus Belle

Our fledgling society has made great strides in discovering fantastical mysteries so far. I have chosen you, among our peers, to partake in a joint venture with The Royal Society of Enquiry. The Royal Society of Enquiry, also known as The ROSE, is a Fellowship of the world’s most eminent archeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, historians, scientists […]

Winds of Change – Desert Mirage

All the News Hot Enough to Print! The testimonies from the deceased starlet Mirella and Amyrka the dancing bear have sealed the fate of Meadowlark’s Travelling Circus! Authorities have not released transcripts of the testimonies but a reliable source states that the evidence was “Quite damning.” In a related note, Rolendo and Nighrenah have been […]

Winds of Change – Dawn of Worlds creation session notes

The First Age Year Deity Action 0 Lunea Created a lake Tesla Created The Diamond Moon Aztarte Created a desert Harridis Created a forest Vel-tyno Created an island. 500 Tesla Created The Coal Moon and The Ice Moon. Aztarte Created a forest. Harridis Added to the island of Flord. Vel-tyno Created a reef. Vistas Created […]