Warning: may cause “Nintendo Thumb”

Whenever I think of old Nintendo games, I can’t help but think about my sister. The best games were the ones that let us both play at the same time (sharing wasn’t always an easy option). Video games were an obsession. Every time we got our grubby little hands on any birthday money or spare […]

Video Games – Thinking Back Fondly

The first electronic games that I remember playing were on Bally’s home console system, the Astrocade. These were fairly simple games but they were definitely fun. I remember that there was a 2 player old west gun fight game, a video poker game, a game where 2 players had long ‘worms’ that grew and grew […]

Why I Should Have Made A Back-Up

I ran across a little game I made for my game design class: Retro Space. Unfortunately all that I have is the executable file. The artwork files and other assets are long gone. I made this little game using YoYo Game’s engine, GameMaker. I made all of the artwork (forgive me!). A few friends played […]

Retro Space

Here it is in all of it’s retro glory. Retro-space is a side-scrolling arcade game. There are 3 short levels and 2 difficulty settings. Download It Here! Not so long ago, in an arcade down the street, space was filled with a vicious onslaught of aliens bent on galactic domination. Relive the excitement of alien […]

Game Design Challenge: The Letter

The Challenge, from GameCareerGuide.com Come up with a concept for the game The Letter. Assignment Details Though paper letters aren’t such a big part of our lives anymore, they were once of tremendous significance. Email, Twitter, blogs, instant messaging, cell phones, and Facebook have all drawn us closer, but there was a time when momentous […]

The Colony – SciFi MUD Concept

Genre: Sci-Fi Setting: Ancient Colony on Mars Type: PVP Faction Concept: Humans vs Robots Long ago, Humans left their polluted and frozen world behind. They traveled to their terra-formed neighbor, Mars. Early Mars Humans hid from vicious radiation storms in simple caves. Small settlements had long been since been established and the planet’s atmosphere and […]

The Never-ending Project – MUD Design

MUDs are a niche gaming community that I fell in love with back in the late late 90’s. These text-only games have been the corner-stone of online gaming communities for many years. My interest began with a little-know MUD called Age of the Throne. It’s set in 17th Century Paris. If you love Dumas’ books, […]

Why MUD Games Are Fun to Play and Create

A noble, high elf surveys the valley of lush wildlife thriving below the cliffs at his feet as his feline companion stands nearby. Meanwhile, on a completely different world, a Martian Robot attacks a group of colonists in a desperate attempt to exact revenge for years of unfair treatment. These two wildly different pictures are […]