Winds of Change – Dawn of Worlds creation session notes

The First Age

Year Deity Action
0 Lunea Created a lake
Tesla Created The Diamond Moon
Aztarte Created a desert
Harridis Created a forest
Vel-tyno Created an island.
500 Tesla Created The Coal Moon and The Ice Moon.
Aztarte Created a forest.
Harridis Added to the island of Flord.
Vel-tyno Created a reef.
Vistas Created a mountain.
1000 Lunea Created a river.
Tesla Created mountains and a volcano with mithril deposits.
Aztarte Created an avatar.
Harridis Added to a forest and created a canyon.
Vel-tyno Added to a forest.
Vistas Created more mountains.
1500 Lunea Created a lake.
Tesla Created The magically enhanced Emerald Moonenhanced and a portal.
Aztarte Created a forest and The Sun.
Harridis Added magic to the The Coal Moon
Vistas Created an avatar and a river
2000 Tesla Created the Shifting Sands of Knowledge and Everfill Waterfall.
Harridis Created Snowy Sky Mountain and a cold climate around it.
Vel-tyno Added a new race, the Troglodytes.
Vistas Created a river, a dead magic zone, a wild magic zone and mountains.
2500 Aztarte Created a new race, the Sphinx.
Vel-Tyno Activated a portal.
Vistas Created mountains, fertile fields and vinyards.
3000 Lunea Created a new race, the Moon Pixies.
Tesla Created a low gravity area, Advanced the Sphinx with Philosophy.
Harridis Created a new race, the Mithril Orcs, and expanded a jungle.
Vel-tyno Advanced the Troglodytes with Psionics
Vistis Created a portal to the Astral Plane
3500 Tesla Added to a jungle, created another portal, expanded forests near the Sphinx.
Aztarta Created a new order, The Bardic Tutors, and advanced the Sphinx with Engineering.
Hardis Shaped a sea, islands and a portal.
Vel-tyno Created an Avatar.
Vistis Created more mountains, hills and vinyards.
4000 Lunea Added more forest.
Tesla Crystal Aquaduct.
Aztarte Crystal Aquaduct.
Hardis Desert and swamps.
Vel-tyno Created fjords.
Vistis Created the Spirewoods.
4500 Lunea Crystal Aquaduct.
Tesla Crystal Aquaduct.
Aztarte Crystal Aquaduct.
Hardis Updassim Mens ???.
Vel-tyno Created sinklands and earth wells.
Vistis Created a desert.

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Winds of Change – Calling All Entertainers

Do you have what it takes to win?

Join us for The 2063rd Annual Bardic Entertainment Extravaganza
sponsored by The Bardic Tutors.
Performance teams of three compete for the title of Most Entertaining Troupe! Who will walk or fly away with The Golden Pyramid this year?

The 1st week of Aztarte in the Grande Theatre of Helios.

Competitors stay at the luxurious Lexeni Hotel in downtown Helios.

Winds of Change – Entertainment Troupes

Banned from Squalor
Kannolt – Kobold Political Satirist
Mirella – Siren Songstress
Nighrenah – Shadow Pixie Dancer

Kami Kami Kameleon
Kami Hypnotist
Kami Music and Dance
Kami Skits
Kami culture is quite confusing to other races. Their performances are charming but nonsensical to most outsiders.

Meadowlark’s Traveling Circus
Meadowlark – Minotaur songstress
Richardin – Wereshaman animal tamer
Jakke – Pygmy acrobat and contortionist

Mystic Perception
Unicorn Illusionist
2-headed Ogre Chanting
Hawkman Sorcerer

The Hapless Harpies
Harpy Song
Harpy Dance
Harpy Magic Tricks

The Unknowable
Thrykreen Beat Boxers
Weaver Soloist – cello, base, violin and flute
Spire Gnomes on Prancing Ponies

The Winds of Change (The PC’s)
Musical Talent
A Comedy Skit
Large Scale Illusions

Shayla’s Thoughts

The goal is ever moving. How can the Hesh guide his followers with such a drifting target? As I find myself nearing the battlefield to save the world from a prophecy of doom, the task changes. We are to recover the scrolls and then deliver them across the region. But first there are tasks that my party wishes to complete. Tiny and unimportant errands that they demand we deal with.

How irritating it is that they have chosen their own selfish desires over the salvation of all people! Why are we not riding with haste? Why do we drink and make merry in town? Why do we bother to stop and interfer with minor matters along the road. I swear, if this group of “heroes” continues to slow me down, I may strike them down myself and complete the final task alone.

4th Duty Log of Shayla Kaie

The Duty Log of Shayla Kaie
Recover the three Scrolls of Alasterus.Recover the scrolls from the Keep
Read the scrolls in The Witch Queen’s Lair, Saradis and Lis

Recover the Crown of Hesh.Kept in a treasure cache.
Return to the Temple of The Star’s Source in Saradis.

Shayla’s Thoughts

My destiny is now clear to me. The prophetic dreams of my youth were more symbolic than I had assumed. The visions of myself standing over a battlefield in shining white armor had meant to me that I was meant to save the world through warfare- a seemingly impossible task for one of my battle prowess.

Instead, the dream has shown me a real place, a battlefield that we now travel through on our way to a great keep. I am not here to fight a great war, however. I am to read a Scroll of Alasterus, the last of the three. Therein lies my fate. When I read the scroll in Lis, the great demons from across the portal will be shut out and the world shall be saved. My life shall be forfeit.

Though I have always known that I was meant to lose my life to save all of Mathoja, I did not realize that I was meant to actively sacrifice myself in such a way. My fate is sealed and I have come to terms with it. My only regret is that I shall not be able to return the affections of young Bardoc, for I must remain pure of heart through the very end. It brings me comfort to know that he shall live through these trying times if I complete the task given to me.

I pray that I am worthy enough to close the portal and do not falter on the path that the Star’s Source has laid before me. Guide my steps, holy light of the night’s sky!