From the Trenches: The Rescue

The Parisian Report (name of French Paper)
From the Trenches (name of Jean Pierre’s Column)
Passage From Reality (article title)
Jean Pierre Valois

When a report about a local zoo being hit by bombardment came across the wire, I insisted that I be assigned to cover it. Apparently there were wild animals on the loose, causing havoc near no-man’s land. There had been reports of strange goings on at the Reynard family mansion for years. I admit a curiosity about the strange family that had once lived there before the war. The German Lines now included the Reynard estate, though the property is very near the Allied trench lines. After pulling a few favors with French High Command, I was granted permission to go along with a patrol that would be crossing the German lines near the Reynard Mansion. Continue reading From the Trenches: The Rescue

Scent in the Air – The Journey to Sprucetock

Daim – Patrol Leader, White Cloak, Sword
Baron – Mouse Guard, Gold Cloak, Halberd
Robin – Tenderpaw, Spear

Mission Details:
Retrieve a batch of Border Scent from Sprucetock and bring it to Lockhaven.
Quinn, the Head Scientist in Sprucetock will have the Border Scent ready.
The Border Scent will be in large cart that takes two mice to pull.
Be wary of swollen streams and patches of melting snow.
Daim is secretly given a mission to aquire a confidential letter from Sprucetock as well.

Mission Log:
The patrol embarked early in the morning to head for Iveydale. Daim accurately predicted that the weather would be surprisingly mild for this time of year – partly cloudy with temperatures in the low forties. Robin makes sure to acquire a pair of gloves and a hat for the journey. She is confident and has a positive attitude about her first mission. As the group sets off Daim stoically lets the younger patrol members use their pathfinding and scouting skills. Baron attempts to find the path to Iveydale but the recent rains have washed away the trail – he becomes angry and frustrated at the situation. Robin attempts to find the way and also fails in the attempt.

A grain merchant pleads with the patrol for assistance with a pair of hungry ground squirrels that are eating the grain he was bringing to Lockhaven. Baron’s plan was to scare off the squirrels with a lot of noise and distraction. With Daim’s assistance the first squirrel was quickly scared off. Robin tried to sneak up to the grain with the merchant and recover it while the squirrels were distracted but her fearless nature meant she was not as careful with her hiding as she could have been. The second squirrel was fought off by Daim and Baron. The merchant was grateful for the assistance and was sure to spread the word of the patrols heroic deed in Lockhaven.

The patrol arrives in Iveydale. Daim learns more information about a bird problem in a small hamlet along the way to Elmoss. He takes the time to get a few quick verbal jabs at his enemy, Kensey. Robin declares that it is the duty of the mouse guards to assist the mice of the hamlet with this plight and with the help of Baron convinces Daim that it is worth the possible delay to their main mission.

The trio of mice heads out of Iveydale in the morning, bound for the hamlet. A young mouse named Halbert flags down the patrol. A large tree branch has fallen on top of the hallow tree trunk that the village is located in. A family of mice are trapped in a house that has been smashed by the branch. Due to the commotion, a Shriker has been picking off mice from the crushed village and dropping them to be impaled on the tree branches. An older mouse, named Rodrick has been picked up by the butcher bird and left to die on a high branch.

Daim immediately sets off to free the family before the branch completely crushes their home. He successfully widens a hole in the home to get the family out. Robin, terrified by the bird, climbs up to save Rodrick, but the effort is tiring her. Baron maneuvers himself and takes on the bird directly. Halbert assists with his sling. The fight is on!

The fight between Baron the Bird is in full swing and it appears that either one could win. After Daim leaves the family at the edge of the woods, he decides to go help Baron and Halbert. Rodrick is upset and in pain due to the twig sticking through his torso and Robin is unable to convince him that freeing himself and climbing down the tree are the right course of action. She becomes angry at the situation.

With three mice taking on the Bird, the tide quickly turns. The bird swoops at each of the mice, but to no avail. Baron is boyed by the return of the patrol leader and confidently continues the fight. Robin wrestles with Rodrick, convinced she is taking the right course of action. She fails to free him as he struggles against her. The pair tumble off the high branch and fall to the forest floor. Robin is now injured.

The bird flees the fight. The hamlet is saved! The villagers will rebuild their homes. Rodrick will make a full recovery in time. With warm regards for the mouse guard the mice of the hamlet (now named Shrikesburg) promise to be a haven for the group in the future.

The journey to Elmoss is uneventful. The roads are washed out on the way to Sprucetock however. With his pathfinding skills and the assistance of the other patrol members, Baron finds the best path to take. Robin, being tired, angry and injured complains along the way. Daim takes it all in stride, chalking it up to inexperience.

In Sprucetock Daim secures the Border Scent from Quinn and picks up the letter. Baron carouses, telling the tales of his heroic deeds in the pub, washing away his anger with a few merry drinks. Robin, warm and safe in town finally calms down and loses her anger as well.

Wrap Up:
The players all felt that the other players portrayed their characters well.

Baron was the workhorse of the group, engaging in the most combat and helping find the pathways. He bravely took on the bird solo! He came up with combat strategies and worked hard for the mission.

Daim was the most valuable player – his stoic nature and sensibilities kept the group on task. His excellent mastery of the weather and focus on the mission made this session a success. Daim put the mission before himself, spending his only check to track down the Border Scent. He also did not have any major failures during the session.

Emmy’s Report to Alexis

Status Update for Investigation into the Deaths of William, His Childe and Ghoul

Overall status: Resolved
Submitted to Alexis, the Spider Queen (via her loyal herald) by Emmy Jones, local proprietor.


In a preemptive strike, the small band of Belial’s Brood of the city (lead by Victor Frost) attacked and killed William (a local Invictus), his childe and a ghoul.

For months now, Victor had been investigating the supposedly unbound group of kindred surrounding the surprisingly successful entrepreneur and night club owner Victor Frost. While William was not inclined to act against Victor until he understood the full scope of the problem, my sources indicate that he was close to discovering the truth about the demon worshipping miscreants. Continue reading Emmy’s Report to Alexis

House of Valare


Her legs grew stiff from anticipation and her eyes burned from the sulfurous night air. A sigh of relief crossed her lips as she stared between the lavish silk curtains. “Finally. My moment is here,” the assassin thought to herself as the Queen’s Lady left the royal bedchamber. “Bribing Lady Arnzou certainly will pay off now.”

Marille knew she could not yet pounce. There was a plan, a marvelous plan, in place. The guard in the parlor was to be escorted off to the Lady’s bedchamber. Lady Arnzou had long been denying the young man’s affections and it was no coincidence that he was posted outside the Queen’s door on this night. A few more minutes and the house guards were scheduled to be switching posts – a part of the same deal struck with the royal house staff. “My house shall be first,” the assassin assured herself and she continued waiting a few more agonizing minutes.

“The old bat is alone.” Marille’s heart raced as her wiry frame slipped through the window. She wanted to laugh, a truly strange sensation, but the ease of her actions filled Marille’s mind with a mixture of emotions. “Sleep well” she whispered as she held her ceremonial dagger high above the sleeping Queen, poised to kill. Continue reading House of Valare

The Smirking Pixie Inn

DM’s Notes: Completed Quests

The Baker’s Apprentice
A local baker’s apprentice has been fooling around with the baker’s daughter. One-eye gave Drake and Cyrano an easy assignment to start off on. They were to make the young baker ‘disappear’ permanently. The duo went to the bakery in the middle of the night and waited for the apprentice to arrive early in the morning to begin making breads and rolls. The trick was to not alert the guards patrolling the streets at night and the assassins chose to dispose of the body in the sewer. Once beneath the city, the pair ran into some thugs who made off with the body of the assassins’ mark. When city guards were heard investigating near the sewer grate in front of the baker, Drake and Cyrano delved deeper into the city’s underground and discovered the black-market. Continue reading The Smirking Pixie Inn