Athens Player Tester Information

All Player Testers will receive an email that will give you information on the following:

What being a player tester means.
How the mud staff will be working with you.
Testing on your own for fun.
Testing as requested.
Rewards for being a tester.
Your Character Info (including password and login)

Being a player tester means that you are allowed early access to an otherwise closed to the public mud. The staff for Athens has been working hard for over a year now to create a great new mud set in ancient Greece. Although our mud is growing very large, only a small area is ready for player testing – the city of Athens itself. As more areas are finished to our standards, they will be opened to you for exploration. These are temporary characters that you’re being given. When the mud opens officially to the public, you will be given a new character to start out with.

The mud staff will be there to talk to you about questions you may have and bugs that you encounter while playing. That is after all, the heart of what player testing is about, communication. If no staff member is on and you encounter a problem, please make sure to submit a bug note inside the game.

As you explore and quest in Athens you’re free to run foot loose and fancy-free just like an ordinary player on a mud. This is how you find things and react as a genuine player would, providing us with an accurate testing.

Sometimes a staff member will have a problem or project they are working on and will ask you for assistance or your opinion. Please be sure to cooperate with them first and foremost. This is how the mud improves and we’re so glad you want to be a part of this process.

The rewards for being a player tester are: You will have been playing the game for a while before the public can gain access and will therefore know your way around better and be comfortable with the mud; you will have a sense of pride, knowing that you helped to make Athens a better place, and your new character after mud opening will be given an in game reward.

You can have your name changed when you log on by speaking to me.

I’d like to thank you for your participation in this program and hope to see you in Athens soon.

Why MUD Games Are Fun to Play and Create

A noble, high elf surveys the valley of lush wildlife thriving below the cliffs at his feet as his feline companion stands nearby. Meanwhile, on a completely different world, a Martian Robot attacks a group of colonists in a desperate attempt to exact revenge for years of unfair treatment. These two wildly different pictures are ideas for stories that could be used in one of the many online community games known generically as MUDs or Multi-User Dungeons. While there are many other types of online games available on the World Wide Web, the often over-looked MUDs have many features and advantages to offer both potential players and the people who create them.

MUDs are text games played through the Telnet Protocol. Telnet connections can be made through a program named telnet.exe that is included with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. Software clients offer connections to MUDs with additional features for gamers to make the experience more enjoyable. There are also java applets that allow the connections to these games to be made through browsers. MUDs do not contain graphical interfaces or images of any kind. Sending text over a Telnet connection is a bandwidth-light way to send information over the Internet. Since MUDs are not system-intensive to play and do not take up much of the user’s bandwidth, it is possible to play MUD games from just about any modern PC, even wireless net-books. Continue reading “Why MUD Games Are Fun to Play and Create”

Currency and Banking for NakedMud

I’ve been coding in NakedMud lately for Athens. A very simplistic approach to money handling and banking. This code will create values in charAuxData for gold and for bank accounts and allows for interaction between players with money and saving money into banks. It also gives a few simple instructions on a couple minor changes that need to be made to the NakedMud src files.

Feel free to use the code as you like. If you distribute it on a website, I would appreciate acknowledgement.

-Hera of Athens ( Continue reading “Currency and Banking for NakedMud”

Fishing Snippet for Dawn of Time MUDs

This fishing snippet offers a simple but expandible form of entertainment
for players that also provides them with a food source that can be
sold. If your mud uses cooking to cook raw meats, make sure to make
the fishcatch object with a raw flag.

Players have to have a fishing pole and hold it to fish. They also
need to have bait in their inv. They must be standing in a room of
sector type WATER_SWIM or WATER_NOSWIM (adjust to fit your code) to

You will need to create the following:

Object Types:

Specific Objects:
fishcatch – declared in your game as a specific vnum Continue reading “Fishing Snippet for Dawn of Time MUDs”

Better Mining Code

This larger snippet has mines separated by type and includes the use of
a mining skill. Like the basic mining snippet I have posted previously, your players will need to have a pick and be holding it to mine. Rooms will need to have a vein object reset into them for players to mine. Once the ore is mined, they will be told that there is none there. I find it best to have the ore scattered throughout the mines and being unseen.

You will need to create the following:

Object Types:

Specific Objects:
gemstone – declared in your game as a specific vnum

Room Types:
gemmine Continue reading “Better Mining Code”

The Abduction of Kore

For those that missed our Abduction of Kore event, here are my notes on it:

Start of Story – 1 Day

    • In Game RP the abduction

One of the nymphs comes to town, as part of a global search.

    • A temporary replace of update.cpp, the weather code

A complete downpour, as Demeter starts to cry over her missing/lost daughter.

    • Temporary mobiles

Have the nymphs looking all over Greece for the girl.
When greeted, they will tell what they saw.
When they hear the word KORE, they will tell about the girl.

    • Mprogs

Nymphs searching
Bartender’s Gossip Prog needs to have a line about it.
Beggar Mob Spec should have a line about it. Continue reading “The Abduction of Kore”

Blast From The Past – Athens is MUD of the Month!

I got this fantastic email from Kyndig today! Thanks to all of our hard working staff and the many fantastic players!

-Hera of Athens

“MudMagic.Com” <> wrote:
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 12:59:43 -0500
To: Hera_of_Athens <>
Subject: [MudMagic] You won game of month
From: “MudMagic.Com” <>

Congratulations to Athens!

This game has earned the Game of The Month for the month of May. Once a month a new game from the Game List at MudMagic.Com is chosen. This game has stood out in the game community by promoting community interaction within their player ranks.

The Game of the Month is hand chosen by Kyndig and Jaelli. The requirements demanded to receive this prestegious award are among the most stringent in the community. Some of these
requirements are:

* Game List Owners must give positive feedback on ways in which to further advance the Online Text Game Community. * Player interaction within the community through voting and commenting.
* The ending rate for the month must be 3+ wizards ( 7 rating )

Hera_of_Athens has shown the willingness and desire to further advance their game by promoting their online text game through the community. Congratulations Athens on your strong community interactive player community!

The Staff of MudMagic.Com

This GoM has been hand picked by Kyndig
You can retrieve your GoM image from:
(old link removed from blog post)
Please download this image to your own website, and do not
link directly to it.

Blast From The Past – postings from my old gamer blogs that have been ported to my new site.