The Lion and the Mouse

Assignment: Write a Science Fiction version of a Fairy Tale to discuss this week.
The Lion and the Mouse
by Melissa Moritz

As Ophelia rested in torpor for the better part of two centuries she dreamed of nothing but madness. The blood thinned over time and after years of sleep she would soon need to rise again to seek out the blood of life from mortal victims. An eerie coldness sank down into the crypt at night and without the moon to offer the intruder any light it was a formidable place to be.

“Why do these things always have to be so heavy?” Jonathan asked himself as he strained his back during another attempt to dislodge the lid of the stone sarcophagus. The delicately carved scrollwork on the front of the stone coffin promised him wealth for his trespassing efforts. Continue reading The Lion and the Mouse

Isolde: A Vision of Another World

A small group of women dressed in brightly colored robes and scarves approached the tiny hamlet of Hanstan. Their heavily laden baskets were brought in trade. Fruit breads, candied apples and various other treats were often welcomed by the various eateries who would pay the priestesses with coin, only to see it spent in local businesses on supplies that the women needed for their temple. It was good for the village, it was good for the priestesses and it reminded the people of the close relationship of piety to success. While some folks found the nature-worshipping elves to be strange or exotic, many respected their learned ways and valued their commerce.

Among the Elven women, a particularly petite priestess had chosen to wear a full, traditional head scarf. She carried a large basket like the other women but seemed to hang back, lingering a bit behind the rest. As the group was lead through town by a higher ranking priestess, the baskets their of food and were filled with a variety of goods. Curious on-lookers often waved or smiled as the miniature caravan passed by. Continue reading Isolde: A Vision of Another World

Isolde: Life on a Pedestal

It was Isolde’s turn to tend the candles and provide light for the moonless harvest ceremony, one of the most important rituals of the year, but she was late and the ceremony could not begin without her. As the high priestess whispered an inaudible prayer to Gaea and the other Elven women shuffled about impatiently near the archway leading out to the sanctuary, the tardy light bearer made her rushed entrance. Isolde pardoned her way to the front of the group of holy women dressed in their finest silk robes and waited for a reaction from High Priestess Eronia.

“You are quite late. The ceremony cannot begin without the most integral participant.”

“My apologies. I had trouble starting the flame.” Isolde slightly lifted the sacred candle in her hands, gesturing to emphasize her point. The tiny light atop of the wick flickered slightly as the girl spoke.

Eronia knew that the girl always had an excuse but she had always been a distraction from the work at hand. Now was not the time for a discussion on priorities.

The women needed to focus on the task at hand. Continue reading Isolde: Life on a Pedestal