Lady Milena – Noble Working Lady

Background Milena was born last to Alejo de Trallibes and his wife Taresa, a pair of freed slaves struggling to survive in southern Zingara.  Five siblings preceded her in the family.  The eldest four:  Shantala, Vittoria, Jovina and Nisio worked hard from a young age to help their parents with the family business.  Alejo had […]

Antagonist – The Grande Archduchess, Ravenloft Vampire

The Grande Archduchess is the King’s sister. She has much power and influence in the city. Publicly known as a vampire, many citizens avoid her wrath. Grande Archduchess: Female Human Wilder10; CR 12; ECL 18 Medium Undead(augmented humanoid, psionic); Vampire Template HD 10d12; hp 74; Init +9; Spd 30 ft/x4; AC 28 (+3 armor, +5 […]

Lilian Whitlock’s Coma Dreams

Dream #1 The reigns feel smooth in my hands; they are brand new. The massive horse beneath me shakes his head with agitation and excess energy. The groom looks up at me nervously. “Miss Whitlock, you know that a lady should not ride such a spirited horse.” “I can handle Chesterfield. I know it,” I […]

The Lion and the Mouse

Assignment: Write a Science Fiction version of a Fairy Tale to discuss this week. The Lion and the Mouse by Melissa Moritz As Ophelia rested in torpor for the better part of two centuries she dreamed of nothing but madness. The blood thinned over time and after years of sleep she would soon need to […]

Isolde: A Vision of Another World

A small group of women dressed in brightly colored robes and scarves approached the tiny hamlet of Hanstan. Their heavily laden baskets were brought in trade. Fruit breads, candied apples and various other treats were often welcomed by the various eateries who would pay the priestesses with coin, only to see it spent in local […]

Isolde: Life on a Pedestal

It was Isolde’s turn to tend the candles and provide light for the moonless harvest ceremony, one of the most important rituals of the year, but she was late and the ceremony could not begin without her. As the high priestess whispered an inaudible prayer to Gaea and the other Elven women shuffled about impatiently […]