Why I Shuffle My Cards Backwards

I have many fond memories of card games as a child, but in every one of those memories, I’m shuffling the cards wrong.  I have no intention of learning how to do it ‘right’ either.

My mother taught me how to play my first card games: Go Fish and Slap Jack.  I was 3-4 years old when I sat across the kitchen table from her, learning how to shuffle cards.  Despite being severely right-handed, I shuffle left-handed due to my attempts to mirror my mother’s hands as she shuffled.  When I was a little older, she taught me how to play Pinochle and Solitaire.  Pinochle was difficult because of the ‘meld’ phase and figuring out the score after each hand.  I felt ‘grown up’ when we played Pinochle though. Continue reading Why I Shuffle My Cards Backwards

Ravenloft, The Board Game

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the board game version of Ravenloft. Thanks to Richard for running this game at his home and letting everyone try it out. The game was fast, deadly and intriguing. My only complaint was that it was so cooperative. Does that mean I’m too competitive when it comes to board games?

The tiles were very nice looking and had obviously been inspired by the Dungeon Tiles series from WOTC. Since the game tiles interlocked like puzzle pieces, they stayed put and worked rather well. I wonder why the Dungeon Tiles visual aides for D&D didn’t do this as well?

I am certain that I will buy this game in the near future and keep it handy for times when a tabletop RPG session falls through and I have guests who want to do something else.