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House of Valare


Her legs grew stiff from anticipation and her eyes burned from the sulfurous night air. A sigh of relief crossed her lips as she stared between the lavish silk curtains. “Finally. My moment is here,” the assassin thought to herself as the Queen’s Lady left the royal bedchamber. “Bribing Lady Arnzou certainly will pay off now.”

Marille knew she could not yet pounce. There was a plan, a marvelous plan, in place. The guard in the parlor was to be escorted off to the Lady’s bedchamber. Lady Arnzou had long been denying the young man’s affections and it was no coincidence that he was posted outside the Queen’s door on this night. A few more minutes and the house guards were scheduled to be switching posts – a part of the same deal struck with the royal house staff. “My house shall be first,” the assassin assured herself and she continued waiting a few more agonizing minutes.

“The old bat is alone.” Marille’s heart raced as her wiry frame slipped through the window. She wanted to laugh, a truly strange sensation, but the ease of her actions filled Marille’s mind with a mixture of emotions. “Sleep well” she whispered as she held her ceremonial dagger high above the sleeping Queen, poised to kill. Continue reading House of Valare

The Smirking Pixie Inn

DM’s Notes: Completed Quests

The Baker’s Apprentice
A local baker’s apprentice has been fooling around with the baker’s daughter. One-eye gave Drake and Cyrano an easy assignment to start off on. They were to make the young baker ‘disappear’ permanently. The duo went to the bakery in the middle of the night and waited for the apprentice to arrive early in the morning to begin making breads and rolls. The trick was to not alert the guards patrolling the streets at night and the assassins chose to dispose of the body in the sewer. Once beneath the city, the pair ran into some thugs who made off with the body of the assassins’ mark. When city guards were heard investigating near the sewer grate in front of the baker, Drake and Cyrano delved deeper into the city’s underground and discovered the black-market. Continue reading The Smirking Pixie Inn

Dungeon Keepers: The Keep

The Top Level of this keep is completely exposed to the elements.  The crumbled roof and dilapidated stairs speak of the dire condition of the structure.

On the Ground Level, pools of dirty water collect in the crevices of the warn stone floor.  While protected from the weather by an upper level, the poor condition of the building allows enough rain water to pour in, preventing this place from being a comfortable environment.

Continue reading Dungeon Keepers: The Keep

Dungeon Keepers: Shopping List

While the damaging effects of many poisons are listed in the DMG, there is no price list for poisons. A normal adventuring party doesn’t usually spend a great deal of their budget on poison. Here is a quick List of prices that I came up with for the Game.

Source Type/Fort Save Initial Damage Secondary Damage Cost
Drow Poison Injury DC 13 Unconsciousness Unconscious for 2d4 hrs 75
Oil of taggit Ingested DC 15 Unconscious 90
Small centipede Injury DC 11 1d2 Dex 1d2 Dex 90
Bloodroot Injury DC 12 1d4 Con + 1d6 Wis 100
Greenblood oil Injury DC 13 1 Con 1d2 Con 100
Aresnic Ingested DC 13 1 Con 1d8 Con 120
Black adder venom Injury DC 12 1d6 Str 120
Blue whinnis Injury DC 14 1 Con Unconscious 120
Id moss Ingested DC 14 1d4 Int 2d6 Int 125
Medium-size spider Injury DC 14 1d4 Str 1d4 Str 150
Stripped toadstool Ingested DC 11 1 Wis 2d6 Wis + 1d4 Int 180
Carrion crawler brain Contact DC 13 Paralysis 200
Large Scorpion Injury DC 18 1d6 Str 1d6 Str 200
Giant Wasp Injury DC 18 1d6 Dex 1d6 Dex 210
Lich dust Ingested DC 17 2d6 Str 1d6 Str 250
Shadow essence Injury DC 17 1 Str* 2d6 Str 250
Dark reaver powder Ingested DC 18 2d6 Con 1d6 Con + 1d6 Str 300
Sassone leaf residue Contact DC 16 2d12 hp 1d6 Con 300
Malyss root paste Contact DC 16 1 Dex 2d4 Dex 500
Nitharit Contact DC 13 3d6 Con 650
Purple worm Injury DC 24 1d6 Str 1d6 Str 700
Terinav root Contact DC 16 1d6 Dex 2d6 Dex 750
Ungol dust Inhaled DC 15 1 Cha 1d6 Cha + 1 Cha* 1000
Dragon bile Contact DC 26 3d6 Str 1500
Insanity mist Inhaled DC 15 1d4 Wis 2d6 Wis + 1d4 Int 1500
Deathblade Injury DC 20 1d6 Con 2d6 Con 1800
Burnt othur fumes Inhaled DC 18 1 Con* 3d6 Con 2100
Wyvern Injury DC17 2d6 Con 2d6 Con 3000
Black lotus extract Contact DC 20 3d6 Con 3d6 Con 4500

* Permanent

Make secondary Fort Save 10 rounds (1 minute) after initial

Dungeon Keepers – A Reverse Campaign

Symbol: The symbols used by the Dungeon Keepers vary by chapter.  Example chapter symbols:  Ched Nasad uses ‘the door spider’ -the eight legs of a spider, replacing the body with a locked, iron door.   Menzoberranzan uses a gaping spider’s maw.  Members of the Dungeon Keepers are often given enchanted insignia to wear.  The insignia show their chapter’s symbol, their dungeon group number and allow the wearer access to restricted areas of the organization.  The magical insignia also grant members the power of levitation within your chapter’s sponsor city and other participating affiliated cities.

Background, Goals and Dreams: Created as a tool for the major Underdark Cities of the Drow, the Dungeon Keepers block the descent of the do-gooders from the Lands that See the Sun into the realms controlled by the Drow.  Maintaining the vast network of dungeons and lairs that connect the Drow territories with hostile neighbors is the everyday purpose of the organization.  Someday, there will be no need for such a buffer.   Perhaps the Drow, utilizing the Dungeon Keepers and her sister organizations will finally rid themselves of the lesser folk annoying their causes. Continue reading Dungeon Keepers – A Reverse Campaign