Getting Dirty with MUDs – Again.

Getting Dirty with MUDs – Again.

It was late in the summer of 2004 when I closed down the Greek mythology adventure MUD, Athens.  Even though I had very rudimentary programming skills, I had extensively altered the code base (Dawn of Time) to give the game a customized and very thematic feel.  Two years of my life was consumed by my passion for coding, scripting, building, writing and creating that world.

It’s been a long time.   Since then I’ve taken many computer programming courses, and a few game design classes as well.  I played and ran a lot of tabletop RPG’s.  For a while, I was even running popular GM workshops in Raleigh, NC.  I’ve grown a lot in the past decade and a half as a game developer.

So why go back to the world of MUDs now?  Anyone who has moved across the country several times will tell you that the first year or two is hard.  I’ve relocated and found myself in a funk.  I needed some creative outlet to pull me out of my post-move depression.

MUDs have a little of everything for me. There’s programming to improve and add to. There are fun scripts to write and test.  The setting design and lore are a great way to stretch out my imagination and put it to work.  The game mechanics, quests, stats, items, crafting, and other systems are a challenge to design and implement.  Bonus – no need for creating 3D graphics!

About two weeks ago, I downloaded the latest version of Dawn of Time.  I am not ashamed to admit, the first time I booted up the code base, I cried a little.  It felt like coming home.  🙂

You’ll be seeing future posts about Lands of Oneiro, my upcoming Free to Play, High-Fantasy Adventure MUD.