Melissa, the evil GM

New Project – Writing A Module for Publication

It’s been far too long since I’ve FINISHED a major project.  I’ve done a few small things but it would do my soul some good to complete a project start to finish.  To that end I’ve decided to write a module for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons through the DM’s Guild.

While I’m tempted to work on my own game system and home-brew setting, creating an entire game from scratch is a severely long term project.  I need a decent-sized project that I know I can finish within a few months.  This rules out coming with an entire system from scratch.  It also rules out my video game projects that are always on the back burner.  So why am I going with a D&D module?

  1. The system is already there and is highly polished.  Most of my tabletop gaming hours under my belt have been spent with D&D 3.5, World/Chronicles of Darkness and Call of Cthulu.  Of those three, D&D has recently opened up a wonderful pipeline for authors to write modules and game products using their 5th edition rules.
  2. The setting already exists and there’s plenty of material to draw inspiration from.  I’ll be writing my module for The Forgotten Realms Setting.
  3. I’m re-reading The Dark Elf Trilogy for the third time.  I’ve always been in love with The Drow and have run many adventures with them used as the antagonists or with the players creating their own cunning Drow as the protagonists.  If you’re excited about a project, it will be less like work and more enjoyable.  I also believe I’ll be more likely to finish a project that I’m really stoked on.