Elevator Pitch – How Soon Is Too Soon?

For years I have read advice about creating a 30 second “elevator pitch” for every kind of project from novel writing to game design.  It seems like most creative projects could benefit from this concept.  The idea is to come up a concise description of your project.  This idea was even mentioned in Ben Rigg’s article “Wanna write for D&D? Answer these five questions first.” back in 2015.  I could site dozens of other examples but I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before.

While I agree that it’s a great way to share your project with other people without losing their interest and it is a useful tool to keep yourself on target, I wonder WHEN to share it?  How soon is too soon to start using your elevator pitch?  How far along with your project should you be?

Pros of Sharing Early

  • Keep yourself motivated and publicly accountable for finishing your project.
  • Getting folks excited about your project from the start and building momentum.

Cons of Sharing Early

  • Possible embarrassment or regret if you don’t finish your project.
  • Fear of having your idea stolen – possibly irrational.

So I ask, if I just started writing a module, is it too soon to share the elevator pitch?  I’ve written a draft of my pitch and enjoy pretending that the text might appear on the back cover of a published module in the near future.  Is fear holding me back or is it honestly too early to share when I’ve barely begun working on the adventure outline?