A Tribute to My Father

A Tribute to My Father

My father was so gregarious! He loved people and made friends wherever he went. Dad loved the companionship and conversations he shared with others. He always greeted folks with a big smile. His upbeat sense of humor was contagious.

Today I want you to remember him at his happiest, when he was surrounded by friends and family.

Dad looked forward to holidays at the Moritz home and at the Bignell farm. He enjoyed family reunions and picnics in the summer.

Many weekends he went to the farm to help with chores and chat with my uncles, who were like his own brothers. He enjoyed visits to his mother’s home where he could spend time with his sisters and nephew.

Dad enjoyed participating in sports: golfing, bowling, softball and billiards. He loved to feel included and thrived in his league bowling team and summer church league softball team.

Dad was also a sports fan. He enjoyed watching Matt, Mandy, and I compete in sports. He took us to many games over the years: The Redwing Aces, The Minnesota Twins, The Timber Wolves and The Vikings. He made several trips to Chicago for baseball games and was proud to see Wrigley Field with his friends.

My family is filled with Packers and Vikings fans. Dad loved the good-natured rivalry and proudly wrote his Vikings gear often.

Dad had a youthful outlook. On family vacations he enjoyed mini-golf and go-karts. He loved the chance to be a kid now and then.

Card games were great fun for Dad. The chance to sit around a table with friends or family to enjoy a competitive game of Euchre, Cribbage, Rummy, Pinochle, Black Jack, or Poker made his day.

I can’t list all of the people that he influenced, but I can say that he made friends wherever he went. His friends and family loved him dearly.

Remember his smile and excitement. Remember his outgoing, warm sense of comradery. Dad was a people-person. He will surely be missed.