The Plan

My current game design / programming project involves creating a very simple, barebones RPG.  It’s important for me to go through the entire game development process, start to finish.  That’s why I’m not going to create anything too complex.

I made a simple video game, Retro Space, a few years ago.  For that project , I used the Game Maker engine.  I’ve decided that I want a more robust engine and after looking at Torque 2D and Unity I’ve made my decision.  Since I have some experience with the old Torque 2D, that’s the direction I was originally leaning.

Torque 2D’s advantage is the minimal familiarity I have with it.  The disadvantages are:  it no longer has the WYSIWYG editor, documentation is fragmented and dispersed on several sites, porting to various platforms is extremely difficult.  The editor that Torque had available for the engine before changing the to the current Open Source offering was pretty awesome, but that’s gone now.  After reading comments from game designers who had a lot of trouble porting their games to the Google Play market, I was fairly disheartened.

Unity’s advantages are: it has better tutorials, better documentation and much easier porting between platforms.  As a bonus, one of the early tutorials shows you how to make a scrolling space shooter, which of course, was one of the first tutorials I followed in Game Maker.  Clearly, this is the direction I’ve chosen.



I had gone through a few tutorials for Torque 2D and was disheartened by the lack of familiarity and difficulty of use. I missed the editor that they removed before making it open source.

After spending 4 hours working through a tutorial for Unity last night, I know I made the right choice. I decided to follow along with the Space Shooter tutorial, since I wanted to see some of the main differences between Unity and Game Maker. The Space Shooter tutorial was very similar to a tutorial for GM and my own game, Retro Space.

I’m telling you, I was in the zone last night. I couldn’t be happier or more excited about my future projects!