A Letter from Dr. Josephus Belle

Our fledgling society has made great strides in discovering fantastical mysteries so far. I have chosen you, among our peers, to partake in a joint venture with The Royal Society of Enquiry. The Royal Society of Enquiry, also known as The ROSE, is a Fellowship of the world’s most eminent archeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, historians, scientists and other intellectuals. They are the oldest scientific academies in existence.

This British organization has reached out to us to collaborate in a very exciting opportunity. A newly discovered Assyrian temple complex offers many potentially powerful artifacts for study. By partnering with The ROSE on this expedition, we will gain access to their contacts and resources in the Arabian world. This is The Miskatonic Society’s chance to impress those old, cantankerous Brits. I have faith in each of you to to make this long journey and return safely with historical mysteries for us to delve into.

-Proud of Each of You
Dr. Josephus Belle