Winds of Change – Dawn of Worlds creation session notes

Winds of Change – Dawn of Worlds creation session notes

The First Age

Year Deity Action
0 Lunea Created a lake
Tesla Created The Diamond Moon
Aztarte Created a desert
Harridis Created a forest
Vel-tyno Created an island.
500 Tesla Created The Coal Moon and The Ice Moon.
Aztarte Created a forest.
Harridis Added to the island of Flord.
Vel-tyno Created a reef.
Vistas Created a mountain.
1000 Lunea Created a river.
Tesla Created mountains and a volcano with mithril deposits.
Aztarte Created an avatar.
Harridis Added to a forest and created a canyon.
Vel-tyno Added to a forest.
Vistas Created more mountains.
1500 Lunea Created a lake.
Tesla Created The magically enhanced Emerald Moonenhanced and a portal.
Aztarte Created a forest and The Sun.
Harridis Added magic to the The Coal Moon
Vistas Created an avatar and a river
2000 Tesla Created the Shifting Sands of Knowledge and Everfill Waterfall.
Harridis Created Snowy Sky Mountain and a cold climate around it.
Vel-tyno Added a new race, the Troglodytes.
Vistas Created a river, a dead magic zone, a wild magic zone and mountains.
2500 Aztarte Created a new race, the Sphinx.
Vel-Tyno Activated a portal.
Vistas Created mountains, fertile fields and vinyards.
3000 Lunea Created a new race, the Moon Pixies.
Tesla Created a low gravity area, Advanced the Sphinx with Philosophy.
Harridis Created a new race, the Mithril Orcs, and expanded a jungle.
Vel-tyno Advanced the Troglodytes with Psionics
Vistis Created a portal to the Astral Plane
3500 Tesla Added to a jungle, created another portal, expanded forests near the Sphinx.
Aztarta Created a new order, The Bardic Tutors, and advanced the Sphinx with Engineering.
Hardis Shaped a sea, islands and a portal.
Vel-tyno Created an Avatar.
Vistis Created more mountains, hills and vinyards.
4000 Lunea Added more forest.
Tesla Crystal Aquaduct.
Aztarte Crystal Aquaduct.
Hardis Desert and swamps.
Vel-tyno Created fjords.
Vistis Created the Spirewoods.
4500 Lunea Crystal Aquaduct.
Tesla Crystal Aquaduct.
Aztarte Crystal Aquaduct.
Hardis Updassim Mens ???.
Vel-tyno Created sinklands and earth wells.
Vistis Created a desert.

The Second Age

Year Deity Action
5000 Vel-tyno Avatar commanded Troglodytes to make a settlement. Catastrophe, destroys Troglodyte island and home city.
Harridis Advance Civilization, Advance City, Create Army, Command Race, Create Vinkn ???
Aztarta Created fire swamps with large rats.
Tesla Create a new race, Crystal Gargoyles, new subraces Eagles and Cat-men
Lunea Purified the Moon Pixies, Created Shadow Pixies, Advanced Moon Pixies with Aerial Combat
5100 Vel-tyno New race, Spire Gnomes
Harridis Purify Orcs
Aztarta Raise Sphinx army, new race Were-Shamen
Tesla Create a new race, Kami
Lunea Corrupt Shadow Pixies, create Avatar, Advance Moon Pixies with Alchemy
5200 Vel-tyno Sub-Race Sahaugan in their city Bloodreef
Harridis Purify Orcs, Create Race – Weavers in “Blue Strand”, advanced Weavers in “Conjuration”
Aztarta Advance race Were-Shamen “Animal Handling” & “Fire Resistance”, Purify Were-Shamen, Advance race Sphinxes “Religion”
Tesla Create sub-race Water Drakes, Create sub-race Rat-Men
Lunea Destroyed DeadMore by crashing the Coal Moon into the Shadow Pixies home
5300 Vel-tyno Catastrophe – The destruction of the first walls of knowledge
Harridis Advanced the Orcs in “Metal Working”
Aztarta Restored the walls of knowledge, Advanced Sphinxes in “Astronomy”
Tesla Create sub-race Kobolds in the dragon city of “Cliffs of Insanity”, Advanced Kobolds in Trapmaking
Lunea Created race Unicorns +1 Good, Created race Centaurs +0 Neutral
5400 Vel-tyno Corrupted Unicorns, Sub-Race from Pixies Stirges
Harridis Created race Hawkmen in the Floating Islands
Aztarta Returned Unicorns to +1 alignment, Advances Sphinxes “Art”, Advances Were-Shamens “Hunting”
Tesla Create race Minotaurs, Sub-Race Red Dragons of the Great Eire
Lunea Purify Unicorns +2, Advanced Centaurs “Herbalist”, Advanced Unicorns“Illusion Magic”
5500 Vel-tyno Created race Korreds
Harridis Created race Thri-Keen in Til’Fons, Advanced Thi-Keen in Agriculture
Aztarta Started the Black Moon’s cycle, stretched a river
Tesla Advanced Sphinxes “Desert Chant”, Advanced Thri-Keen “Beat Boxing”, Created avatar at the astral portal Ouiji
Lunea Created race Undead Pixies, Created race Killer Bees

The Third Age

Year Deity Action
5510 Lunea The Bt’ah order within the Thri-Keen
Tesla Minotaurs found “”/campaign/unnamed-collaborative-world/wikis/Anaba/new” class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Anaba“, Rat Men found ”/campaign/unnamed-collaborative-world/wikis/Destitude/new” class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Destitude
Aztarta Created race Pygmies
Harridis Mithral Way founded among Crystal Gargoyles, Gargoyles found city of Overlook at the Great Canyon, Mithril Orcs raise an army inVineland
Vel-Tyno Troglodytes found the city of Waterford in Sea of Glass, AdvancedTroglodytes in “Architecture”
5520 Lunea ?Command race x2, Command City, Adv Civ?, Destroy the Killer Beescity of “Hive”, Found Thri Kreen city of B’Tar, Unicorns raise an army,Weaversadvanced in “Textiles”
Tesla Killer Bees advanced “Martial Arts”
Aztarta Both Pygmies and Were-Shamen raise armies, , Advance Mithril Orcsin Non-Lethal Combat, Establishes Order of Knowledge within Mithril Orcs
Harridis Keepers of Paradox established within the Korred, Mithril Orcsestablish a city between Helios and the Moon Pixies, Sun Spire, Army moved to “Sun Spire”, Crystal Gargoyles establish an army to defend the Swarovski Crystal Aqueduct
Vel-Tyno Purified the Waterford Troglodytes while they establish an army, Gifts the Spire Gnomes with an Avatar
5530 Lunea Undead Pixies activate the Moonfall Island portal, Unicorns attack theSpire Gnomes and establish the city The Great Range
Tesla Crystal Gargoyles advanced “time-space magic”, has Red Dragonsfound “”/campaign/unnamed-collaborative-world/wikis/Solaria/new” class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Solaria”
Aztarta Pygmies advanced “Assassination”, Pygmies attach the Hawk-Men
Harridis Mithral Way established within the Ogres, Ogres allow Orc occupation,Orc army moved to defend the portal on Moonfall Island, additional Orc army raised in Vineland
Vel-Tyno Begins corruption of the Mithril Orcs, Corrupts Sun Spire, Knights of Paradox formed among Korred
5540 Lunea Advanced Undead Pixies in “Necromancy”, Created order The Skeletal Hand within Mithril Orcs and Ogres
Tesla Red Dragons advanced in “Moon Magic”, Order The Shields of the Five Moons established within Mithril Orcs
Aztarta Purified Orcs from Vel-Tyno corruption, Advanced Pygmies with “Acrobatics”
Harridis Raised Mithril Orc armies in Vineland and Mitheral, establishes the Order Arcadians within the Red Dragons, Red Dragons raise an army within the Aire
Vel-Tyno Sahaugin raise a navy, Waterford purified, Order Emerald Puristsformed among Pixies (Racist against Orcs), The Purists raise an army
5560 Lunea Notes Vague, Commanded Races and Cities so Undead Pixies could occupy the Moonfall Island region
Tesla Spire Gnomes advanced “Mounted Combat/Riding”, Hawk-Menadvanced “Sorcery”, Were-Shamen advanced “Weather Control Dancing”
Aztarta Pygmies advanced in “Summoning”, Troglodytes advanced inGlassworking

The Gods

The Races
Crystal Gargoyles
Killer Bees
Mithril Orcs
Moon Pixies
Red Dragons
Shadow Pixies
Spire Gnomes
Thri Kreen
Undead Pixies
Water Drakes

The Orders
The Skeletal Hand
The Arcadians
The Bardic Tutors
Children of the Stars
The Followers of Vel-Tyno
The Keepers of the Loom
The Keepers of Paradox
The Mithril Way
The Shields of the Five Moons
The Order of the Endless Plains
The Spire Mounts
The Order of Mutual Defense
The Spirit Guides
The Draco-Liche Iluminati
The Stalkers of Everlasting Wisdom
Nero’s Luminous Watchmen
The Eyes of Helios
The Staring Eyes
The Keepers of the Eggs
The Polychromatic Heralds
The Mounts of the Darkest Day
The Heralds of the Darkest Day

Wonders and Locations
Everfill Waterfall
Fire Rain Volcano
Shifting Sands of Knowledge
Snowy Sky Mountain
Swarovski Crystal Aqueduct
The Five Moons
The Floating Islands of Equilibrium
The Fountain of Creation
The Great Sinkhole
The Spire Woods
The Sun