Character Concept: Jo Roberts

Character Concept: Jo Roberts

Joanne “Jo” Roberts
Height: 5’6
Weight: 165 lbs
Primary Motivation: Avenge the murder of her older brothers.
Quote: “You’re in my way.”
Home: The Roberts’ family compound, located near Temple, Texas.

Appearance: Jo is physically fit from a life of hard physical training. Her family has a history of supporting local militia and also supporting the 3:16 project. She is a tomboy through and through. Her long blonde hair is often loosely tied back and kept under a camo baseball cap. Jo’s clothes are quite utilitarian.

Background Information: Born in a family of proud military tradition, Jo learned to roughhouse early on. Retired General Burt Roberts expected nothing short of exemplary service to Terra from all of his children. As a strong leader during the Crisis, he has a name that carries much weight among his peers. Jo’s two older brothers, Sam and Mike each volunteered for The Expeditionary Force and were each assigned to the 3:14 Brigade, much to the delight of both of their parents and extended family.

Sam, the overachieving elder brother, was the first to leave. Sam quickly earned the rank of Captain in the self-proclaimed Phoenix Squad under the strict but effective Major Whitakers. It was a happy coincidence when a few years later Mike was sent to join Sam’s squad and earned the rank of Corporal. The two quickly became synonymous with surviving against the odds, no matter how vastly their squad was outnumbered during their missions. The Phoenix Squad was constantly sent on dangerous, suicide missions that no other unit would live to finish.

Career: Jo has just completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and has just been given
Roleplaying Style: Jo is not the warmest person. She is fiercely loyal to her family. Her primary
focus is to earn the respect of her family and outshine her older brothers by accomplishing even
greater feats of heroism. She desperately wants the approval of her father.