Strange in Minnesota – Case Teasers

Strange in Minnesota – Case Teasers

Bob Dylan’s Ghost

The Red Wing Boys’ Correctional Facility was also a mental hospital for the crimminally insane minors incarcerated therein. In a desperate attempt to lower the amount of fights, drugs and brain surgery were utilized. The project was a failure. Due to the record number of violent incidents and a killing spree by one of the prisoners, the facility was closed.

Cougar Attacks!

A cougar has been killing hikers and bikers on the Cannon Valley Trail. The grisly deaths don’t add up and the locals are beginning to become alarmed. A call to arms has given sportsmen the opportunity of a life time, the chance to take down one of the big cats, legally! Will the animal rights activists and the local veterinarian get to it first and knock the cat out with a tranquilizer dart or will the poor beast be slain?

The Mississippi Monster

The Pearl of the Lake, a Mississippi River paddle boat, sank during a freakish storm on Lake Pepin. The crew has not been recovered, but Life to The Max host Greg Thunder’s body did was ashore. Greg Thunder and his team returned to Lake Pepin to film a sequel to their popular 68th episode about Peppi, the Lake Pepin Monster. Was this an act of nature or is the mythical Mississippi Monster to blame for the deaths of amateur paranormal investigators?