Nefarous Tendances – Meeting of the Minds

Nefarous Tendances – Meeting of the Minds

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

Aeris and Graven traveled together along the road. A farm with several animals provided too much temptation to pass up. Each companion was hungry. Aeris backed off as Graven shifted into a wolf. It was the first time she had ever seen a werewolf. Graven stalked a goat in his werewolf form. The goat fainted when it caught sight of him. It was far too easy. The pair set up camp a mile up the road and enjoyed their feast.

Meanwhile, on the road to Darkon, Zurik found himself being pressed on both sides of the road by thick white mist. He knew there was no point in fighting it. Soon he was enveloped in a world of white. He would reappear in a familiar location, the Vistani camp outside of Oneire. The site was abandoned now. Apparently the Vistani had moved on.

The best course of action seemed to be to find the Vistani. Zurik was determined to continue on his personal quest to find the cleric Etori. Serena and Zurik rode to the edge of Oneire. Serena beckoned for Brianna to meet up. It was not long before the young bard stood before the pair. Brianna rode with Serena as the trio searched the countryside for the missing Vistani.

With no luck in regard to the search for the Vistani, Zurik and his party did run into a pair of brigands on the road. The ruffians were headed to Oneire. The unlikely group agreed that their goals were compatible. Graven knew that the endevour would be profitable. Aeris was also searching for a way out of Nidala.

Aeris, Graven and Brianna shared a recently killed deer that Graven had hunted down. Brianna and Serena had wondered off for a walk, immediately followed by Aeris. Zurik assured Graven that they women would be fine. Graven left to hunt down another deer for himself. After an evening near the abandoned Vistani camp, the group moved on to Oneire for more answers very early, before dawn.

The small city of outlaws was in quite a state. Most of the citizenry were gathered at the town square. A rally of support for the rebels was in full swing. A charismatic bard lead the event from a stage. It had apparently been a late night event that ran until almost morning. The bard excused herself, leaving the stage to a group of other performers, orators and rebels. A few paladins of Elhonna were dispersed throughout the crowd but did not appear to be interferring with the event.

Convinced that such open displays of discontent mixed with illegal music would lead to harsh punishment from Elena’s men, the group moved on. While passing through one of the small farming communities on the way to the city, the group witnessed three paladins of Belenus severely beating a crimminal in the middle of the road. It seemed that the laws were being enforced rather swiftly these days in some areas. Once again, it was decided by all to move on and avoid a confrontation.

When the group arrived at the city of Touraine, the capital was on lock down. The gates were closed and guards were posted in great numbers. Neither Graven nor Brianna ever remembered seeing the city shut tight before. Brianna lead the group to a secret smuggler’s tunnel into the city.

The tunnel lead to the Black Market. Here the group split up to purchase goods and barter. Aeris left with a stranger, a man from the market. She returned after a few minutes and rejoined her companions. Graven had sold some ill-gotten equipment and purchased a new necklace for himself. Zurik and Serena both noticed that the same bard from Oneire was performing here that night. Rumor had it that there was a meeting of rebels scheduled to take place at The Sour Ghoul Tavern later that night.

At The Sour Ghoul Tavern, a secret meeting of rebels gathered. A mysterious bard, Varola Deathsong, lead the proceedings with strict authority. Many local thieves and thugs were given assignments and payments. Graven , Aeris, Zurik, Brianna and Serena were all assigned to two missions. The first was to deliver false information to Worden, the controller of the Black Market. Varola hinted that the final outcome of this action would be the demise of the merchant, but she did not say how.

The second mission was to secure the release of two high-profile prisoners from Faith-Hold Keep along with any other political prisoners that the party could find. Upon reflection, Varola decided that should the party come up against Elena herself, the death of the paladin would not interrupt the bard’s plans. Graven would be paid handsomely for his efforts as would Aeris. Zurik was promised that he was free to take any Divine items and writings that he would find in the Keep.

Further instructions would be given within the next few days. The group was to lay low in the mean time.