Nefarious Tendancies – The Death of Alikain Loreweaver

Nefarious Tendancies – The Death of Alikain Loreweaver

Musings of the Dark Powers – GM’s Notes

After the journey through the caves and passages of the mountains, Zurik heads towards the city of Touraine to seek out Alikain Loreweaver. It is rumored that she stays in Faith-hold as a guest.

A few small villages along the road to the capital city. In one particular village, Zurik spots a wanted poster for Brianna The Bard in the town square. He chastises her briefly on the matter. As the two prepare to leave town, a village guard recognizes the crimminal and asks them to stop. Zurik reaches out and touches the man on the shoulder, slaying him instantly. The guard’s corpse is added to the necromancer’s ever-growing collection.

The capital city of Touraine is known for the strict laws and unforgiving city guards. Brianna guides Zurik to a hidden tavern and inn that outlaws hide out in. The Sour Ghoul Tavern is crowded and rowdy. The cheap booze and discusting food are matched only by the poor squallor that passes for guest rooms. Serena successfully gets a veritable horde of information about Alikain Loreweaver.

* Alikain is from the lands outside of the mists.
* Alikain has won the hearts of many in Nidala and in Barovia.
* She is a good soul and never wavers from her ideals.
* Elena sees her as a rival.
* Alikain has just returned from a failed mission to kill an evil dragon, Bonemaw.
* Elena is playing this up.
* Due to harsh words, Alikain is no longer staying at Faith-hold but rather is using a room in town.
* A local inn, The Hasty Unicorn Inn, named in her honor, is hosting her stay for free.

Brianna The Bard takes Zurik to a secret Black Market hidden in the sewers. There Zurik sorts through the many stalls of contraband items including sheet music, artwork and intoxicating substances. He finds a shop with forbidden magical items and supplies himself there. The shop owner gladly gives him a large discount.

The pair return to The Sour Ghoul Tavern. Brianna passes out in their guest room for the night – the consequences of too much alchohol.

Zurik and Serena head out at night to handle Alikain. City guards harass the pair for being out too late at night. There is a strict curfew. Zurik claims to not know the laws. The guards will not accept that as an excuse at first, but Zurik eventually convinces them to let him continue on his way.

The common room of The Hasty Unicorn Inn is empty. The bar menu lists only wholesome foods and healthy drinks. It is past curfew and no one in this establishment seems willing to break the law. Zurik has no trouble finding Alikain’s name in the guest registry. She is staying in room number one, of course.

Alikain Loreweaver, Champion of Good, sleeps peacefully in the largest suite of the inn. Her armor hangs on several pegs and racks in the room. Her weapons are properly stored near by. She would not get to use them before her demise.

A white mist formed over the sleeping and helpless half-drow. As the paladin slept unaware, the mist formed into a vicious and hungry vampire, Serena. Incorporeal Allips appear around the bed and drain Alikain of her wits as Serena drains her of her blood. The Paladin tries in vain to grab ahold of Serena and use her ability to Lay on Hands. She fails in the attempt and does not live long enough to try again.

With the paladin’s possessions and her body safely stored in his new portable hole, Zurik and Serena spend the night at the hotel in room that was listed as vacant. Early in the morning, Zurik leaves through the front lobby. Serena sleeps during the day in his bag of holding. His cloak is wrapped tightly around him and his hood is pulled down low. No one pays him any attention. Nothing seems amiss.