Delta Green

Delta Green

I had the chance to play in a Try It Out! for Delta Green this last week. We finished about half of the adventure. The roleplay was great and I had a very fun time. The system is based off of the Call of Cthulhu RPG. It is percentile based. Character creation is a fairly quick and painless process for this system. In no time, we had a party of three FBI agents ready to investigate together.


Agent Crispy – Badly burned and on his way out of the agency. Crispy is a year away from retirement. He doesn’t want anything to go wrong with this case. Crispy is a profiler. His skills in negotiation and psychology are expected to come in handy during the investigation of missing persons along highway 70. He worries about the NSA taking over the case and believes that he can trust no one. His speach can be elusive and he guards information that he deams controversial.

Agent Patrova- a strong woman with a thick Russian accent due to the community she was raised in. She means business and does her best to assist Agent Cripsy in the investigation. Getting her hands dirty, riding around on ATV’s and searching for bodies from a helicopter are all a part of her job. Agent Patrova gives direct information and stays on target.

Agent Grant – A headstrong agent who is used to being in charge of a team of hostage recovery agents. She carries a lot of begruding frustration against Agent Crispy for his indirect means of investigation. Agent Grant would rather go in with guns blazing and sort out the mess later. Unfortunately, this means that her over-eager attitude lead to her death during a shootout with a sniper.