Dresden Files

Dresden Files

This was the second game that I played at MACE. Will ran the game with four players. The system was fairly dynamic. I had the only spell caster, so I did require a little more assistance from Will than the other players. This is a combat style game engine with some fun roleplay quirks. A big part of the game are aspects that your character can call upon to help with their roles. Our characters adventured at a Horror/Slasher Film Convention.

The Characters

Bruce “The Chin” Campbell – Bruce was on site as a guest speaker and was there to plug his films. This was a publicity event that his manager put him up to. There wasn’t enough booze in the hotel to keep him happy about it either. His many fans followed him around constantly. In the end, Bruce has to live up to his reputation. His chin saves the day as he bewilders and confuses an ancient vampire inhabiting the body of his manager.

Helen McQueen – Helen was also on site as a guest speaker and was there to sell more copies of her latest book, “Beneith the Darkened Stair”. Wherever Helen went, so too did her fans. The crowd of McQueen fans help her fend off a small legion of zombies. Helen’s quick thinking resulted in the re-deaths of many undead when she activates the sprinkler system in the hotel lobby.

Lora, The Occultist – Lora was on site to investigate the heightened paranormal activity at the hotel. Recent construction had caused an increase in ghost sightings in the area. She was rather upset to find a convention there. Mortals are so lame. Fortunately there was a vampire for her to kill and many dead bodies upstairs for her to raise as zombies to search for the missing second vampire.

The EMT – paid to be on site incase things got out of hand this year. He notices strange behavior in some of the convention attendees. There must be some sort of illegal drug activity going on. His main concern is to save as many lives as possible. When he realizes that Lora is more interested in the corpses in the basement than helping evacuate the hotel, he leaves her to escort out as many survivors as possible.