FIASCO – Mayhem in Vegas

FIASCO – Mayhem in Vegas

I really enjoyed this game. Steve Sagedy from Bully Pulpit Games ran the session. FIASCO is a GM-less game, so Steve got to play along with us. The system uses a pool of dice that everyone uses to create an interactive story filled with characters, relationships, locations and objects. During most of the game, you chose whether you want to set up a scene for your character and let the rest of the table determine a good or bad outcome – or you can let the table set the scene and you determine the outcome. There is no “combat” engine to speak and the game is highly roleplay oriented.

My only regret is that I don’t have an audio recording of this game. It was truly cinematic. I cannot count the number of times that a player suddenly had the “cat caught the canary” grin appear on their face. Laughter was constant as our group was creative and the story was just hillarious. It helped that we had a bunch of great roleplayers who embraced the fact that our characters were spiraling towards their doom.


Maurice – The “Whale”. Maurice sweeps into Vegas, looking like a rich man used to the finer things in life. In reality he’s a con man and in Vegas to get rich by whatever means necessary. He ends up supporting Mitt on his own tab for a while. Maurice ends up working for the Mexican Mafia as a low level con artist. He’s lost some of his freedom and doesn’t get to control his schemes anymore.

Reg – Owner of a local Strip Club, professional gambler and the man with his hands in every pie in town. Reg has always had a soft spot for one of his former strippers, Brandi. He begins working on a scheme to con Maurice out of his money. In the end, his strip club is burned down and he loses everything – including Brandi.

Mitt – Local gambler with a competitive friendship with Reg. Mitt is working on convincing Candi to help him rob the Paradise Hotel and Casino. He is more than happy to join the table of high rollers for a private game of poker in Maurice’s suite. After a series of bad luck, missteps and failures, Mitt ends up on top of the world. He’s left town with his life intact and a wad full of stolen casino cash.

Candi – Former stripper turned Guest Services Manager at the Paradise Hotel and Casino. She does her best to make sure that Maurice is taken care of while working on obtaining the keys necessary for the vault heist. She wants to provide for her sister so that she can get out of “the business”. Candi drives off with a classic convertible, a bunch of cash and an open road.

Brandi – Candi’s twin sister. Former stripper turned prostitute. Brandi loves her job and wouldn’t give it up even if she had a massive influx of cash. She plays a few con games of her own. She knows that Reg has always carried a torch for her. When her pimp gives her grief, she turns to Reg for help. When all is said and done, Brandi is left for dead on a desert road and told to never come back to Vegas.