Dress the Part – Jean Pierre

A few small props make a big difference when it comes to getting into character. Hopefully these items that I use for props and costumes will inspire you to Dress the Part the next time you game.

Jean Pierre is a French reporter/novelist that has been investigating strange occurances during World War I and shortly thereafter.

Sometimes it helps to have a prop that keeps your hands busy. It’s far more in character to fiddle with a candy cigarette in your hands than man-handle your dice all night. These sugary snacks are VERY cheap. I ordered a case online for around $6 plus shipping. They’re very popular with the gamers in the Call of Cthulhu campaign we’re playing in a World War I setting. I’ll be ordering our second case before the next game.

Nothing says French citizen like a Beret. One size fits all, 100% wool and only $5. That’s darn reasonable for a prop that you could actually wear outside of game night. I just purchased a black beret for the Call of Cthulhu game. I can’t wait for the first time that I get wear it in game.

It never hurts to have a representation of your character’s gear. Jean Pierre is now the proud owner of a mock rifle. It’s actually a marching band rifle. It’s not a real weapon. This item was a little on the expensive side. It cost me $40 plus shipping. The good news though is that many of the games I play in use rifles. This prop will see lots of use.