Villain Worksheet

Last year I ran a workshop on making great villains for the Raleigh Tabletop RPG Meetup. The workshop was a success and I had a lot of fun that night. The basic outline of the workshop was fairly simple:

Anatomy of a Villain – What makes a villain a villain in the first place?
Greatest Movie Villains Activity – 100 greatest movie villains, everyone pick apart their favorite.
3 Common Problems, Brainstorming Session – Strategy Boredom, Bland Personality, Immersion Failure
How Do You Villain? – What methods do you use to come up with your campaign villains?
Resources – Movies, Links, Books and more
Open Discussion

I’ve uploaded the Villain Worksheet that I created for the workshop. You’ll find spaces on this worksheet for your Villain’s description, motivation, resources, henchmen, evil plan and final confrontation.

Download the PDF