4-Boxing Shaman Party Hits Level 30

My shaman group hit 30 so I threw a little party. There were some griefers and some cool folks too. I didn’t get as many screen shots as I should have. We had a picnic table show up, a dancing flame, people who shrunk themselves, thunder storms, snow and rain of fire. I went through over 150 fireworks (all free from SM Armory) during the party. Oh, and all the shaman are red from the buff given after turning in the air totem quest.

I had someone ask me at the party how long it took me to get to level 30. On my first shaman who I leveled by questing until 8, boosted through RFC and SFK, my time played was over a day. That shaman didn’t get any RAF benefits until level 28. My other 3 shaman who are all RAF’ers quested together to get to level 14 then were boosted through SFK. I’ve been boosting all 4 in SM lately. The 3 RAF’ers have a /played of just 19 hours. What a difference. Part of that is also that I’m getting a lot faster at setting up my macros and maximizing for new teams though. I’ll have to post the /played screenshots to show the difference.