The Smirking Pixie Inn

The Smirking Pixie Inn

DM’s Notes: Completed Quests

The Baker’s Apprentice
A local baker’s apprentice has been fooling around with the baker’s daughter. One-eye gave Drake and Cyrano an easy assignment to start off on. They were to make the young baker ‘disappear’ permanently. The duo went to the bakery in the middle of the night and waited for the apprentice to arrive early in the morning to begin making breads and rolls. The trick was to not alert the guards patrolling the streets at night and the assassins chose to dispose of the body in the sewer. Once beneath the city, the pair ran into some thugs who made off with the body of the assassins’ mark. When city guards were heard investigating near the sewer grate in front of the baker, Drake and Cyrano delved deeper into the city’s underground and discovered the black-market.

The Inconvenient Heir
One-eye provided Drake and Cyrano with servant’s livery and a vial of potion. The pair was to infiltrate a large, noble party and poison the young son of the party hosts. It seems that the elder daughter wanted to ensure her inheritance and future power and was sponsoring Drake and Cyrano’s mission. Upon arrival at the noble house, the pair was immediately put to work by an over-bearing woman in charge of the festivities. Drake and Cyrano soon met Melody, a curiously bright house slave who was willing to help the pair complete their mission if they would help her escape captivity. With their trays of beverages in hand, Drake decided to suddenly turn about – an action that caused servants behind him to drop their trays and break many glasses. The desired affect was achieved and the whole staff was watching Drake and not paying attention as Cyrano was preparing to poison one of his beverages. Unfortunately, the trick backfired and the whole dining room of guests turned to the back to see what was the matter in the kitchen. The swift fingers of Cyrano aided by his long sleeves managed to poison the drink anyhow. Soon the young heir was ill, the elder daughter was next in line and Melody was hired by One-Eye. The duo spend a portion of their profits by investing in their own furniture business. They hire Melody to make sure the local cart permit lottery (that was to be held the next week) goes smoothly and soon the pair have a permit allowing them to sell furniture in the richest neighborhood in the city.

A Horse is a Horse
When a local government official is failing to sway administrations in the direction that the assassin’s guild would prefer, One-eye gives Drake and Cyrano the chance to correct the situation by force. The pair travels out of town, kills the Centaur administrator’s guards and beat him to an inch of his very life before delivering their message, ‘Shape up or else!’. To the dismay of the duo, many witnesses gathered together and reported suspicious activity and the pair were thrown in jail on charges of murder and assault. Guards had seen them leave the city, a woman overheard them discussing their plans to kill a centaur, guards at another city gate reported the two arriving back into town covered in blood splotches and carrying weapons, and a bank teller reported sudden mysterious prosperity – the pair were destitute when they came to town and were now living in one of the wealthiest districts in town! Fortunately, Colben Shey – a contact that Drake and Cyrano had made through the Assassin’s Guild – came through for them by providing witnesses who claimed that the pair were hired out of town to butcher pigs that morning. Forged documents proved that the old woman who overheard their conversation was clinically insane and a well-documented liar. The pair were set free, but they chose to spend several weeks building up their furniture making business and laying low until the heat died down.

The Not-So-Alive Trog
For unknown reasons, One-eye has hired Drake and Cyrano to go kill a troglodyte zombie that lives in a large cemetery in the southwestern corner of town. As a terrible, summer thunderstorm hits the city, the pair find a secret entrance to a small set of catacombs underneath a large stone sarcophagus in the graveyard. After exploring the series of caves, they find a little treasure, a few skeletons to kill and quickly dispose of the troglodyte. The trapdoor is shut and the pair must find a means of escaping the caves.