Athens is Mud Game of the Month!

Athens is Mud Game of the Month!

I got this fantastic email from Kyndig today! Thanks to all of our hard working staff and the many fantastic players!

-Hera of Athens

“MudMagic.Com” <> wrote:

Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 12:59:43 -0500

To: Hera_of_Athens <>

Subject: [MudMagic] You won game of month

From: “MudMagic.Com” <>

Congratulations to Athens!

This game has earned the Game of The Month for the month of May. Once a month a new game from the Game List at MudMagic.Com is chosen. This game has stood out in the game community by promoting community interaction within their player ranks.

The Game of the Month is hand chosen by Kyndig and Jaelli. The requirements demanded to receive this prestegious award are among the most stringent in the community. Some of these

requirements are:

* Game List Owners must give positive feedback on ways in which to further advance the Online Text Game Community. * Player interaction within the community through voting and commenting.

* The ending rate for the month must be 3+ wizards ( 7 rating )

Hera_of_Athens has shown the willingness and desire to further advance their game by promoting their online text game through the community. Congratulations Athens on your strong community interactive player community!

The Staff of MudMagic.Com