Hermes Travel Agencies

Hermes Travel Agencies

First off, I’d like to thank all of our testers for helping us get a good start when we opened March 1st. Our first area open to testers has for the most part been a success. More equipment mobiles, quests, etc are of course being added as time continues. Your assistance in pointing out bugs and spelling errors has been greatly appreciated.

Three new cities are being opened up to the player testers now. Knossos, Megora and Delphi will be temporarily accessible through a series of soft-links called Hermes Travel Agency. As the areas between these cities are opened, hard-links (actual roads and open countryside) will replace the need for the soft-links.

Upon posting this announcement, the travel agencies will be open and offer transport free of charge to all player testers. I look forward to your bug reporting, critiques and comments on the newly opened areas.

-Hera, Queen of the Gods



Fight monsters while gods interfer to become a hero or join in the great political debate about democracy and the war between city-states. A highly intense roleplay environment awaits those who wish to enter the world of ancient Greek Mythology. Athens is a free to play mud, a text-based internet game where multiple players interact online.

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